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Low Cost Commercial Van Graphics in Anaheim, CA!

 Oct 30, 2018

Low-Cost Commercial Van Graphics Anaheim CA

Doing business from its showroom at 4375 East La Palma Avenue, Mr. Cabinet Care remodels kitchens and refaces cabinets. In the process, these pros give you plenty of options from countertop selections over wood types to door styles. With more than 17,000 happy customers, this business is sure to get plenty of word-of-mouth advertising. Even so, the firm recognized the importance of mobile marketing and contacted our sign shop to order low-cost commercial van graphics in Anaheim, CA.

Die-Cut Graphics Present a Robust Ad Campaign Using Dodge City Vans

We worked with the business’ management team to design the vehicle graphics. The company had two Dodge City vans it wanted to have treated. By focusing on the flat areas of the vans, our technicians were able to limit the material used to flat-surface 3M vinyl. Doing so significantly cut down on costs.

Van Graphics in Anaheim CA

Boost sales with van graphics!

When you look closely, you will notice that we selected the areas of the van that are the most visible in traffic. One of them is the upper rear panel. It now features a realistic three-dimensional image that impresses with its level of depth. The same is true for the top side panels. These graphics are the eye candy that draws the attention. Lettering and numerals then serve to introduce the corporate persona and niche details.

Work with a Sign Shop that Handles Design, Production, and Installation In-House

Our graphic artist routinely works with business owners who have a good idea of what they want to see. However, they often do not have the graphics or know-how to put together the design. We can help. The expert can work with your images or find stock photos that are ideally suited for your needs. Most importantly, these images will be unique to your company and not something that you see on a competitor’s van next week.

We frequently also work with franchisees. They typically receive graphics specs from the franchise office. Our team can work with these specs and adapt them to fit on the vehicle that the business has bought. This step keeps your licensed logo use intact while also ensuring that the images look great on the car, truck, or van you want to use for the company.

Low-Cost van wraps in Anaheim CA

Van graphics can be visible from all sides!

Occasionally, we also work with advertising firms. In these cases, the firm handles the design, and our shop deals with the transformation of the graphics to a functional full or partial wrap (or vehicle graphics package). Because we can handle all aspects of the project in-house, you do not have to coordinate with multiple contractors – unless you want to.

Expanding Territories with Low-Cost Commercial Van Graphics in Anaheim, CA

No matter what type of business you own, you can benefit from the use of vehicle graphics. Take a page from the playbook of Mr. Cabinet Care, and feature amazing images of possible space transformations. Other business clients have had excellent success with niche-specific graphics that underscore the services or products, which differentiate them from the competition.

Contact our sign shop today to learn more about your options and to get started on your vehicle graphics project!

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