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Logo Change is a Good Opportunity for Anaheim Businesses to Renew Old Signage!

 Oct 17, 2018

Signs for a Logo Change in Anaheim CA

ReVISION Counseling welcomes clients at 136 South Imperial Highway. Counselors work with individuals, families, parents, and groups. Specialists help clients work through issues with anxiety, stress, depression, anger management, and addiction. ReVISION is a returning client. In the past, we assisted the office with initial signage. This time around, the team contacted us after undergoing a rebranding to renew old signage in Anaheim, CA.

Emphasizing a New Brand Expression with Updated Signs

Rebranding Signs in Anaheim CA

A new building sign is a must-do when rebranding!

We worked with the team to put together a new brand experience for current and prospective clients. The new logo is larger than the one the company used before. Therefore, we increased the height of the building signs to accommodate the change. It creates a visually attractive rendition of the brand expression. Also, we added niche-specific details that underscore what this office specializes in. These new signage combinations now welcome clients to the location, assist with branding, and make wayfinding a snap.

Making Building Signs Work for Your Brand

Building signs are one of the first brand interactions that a visiting customer has with your company. It pays to make an excellent impression.

  • Size matters. Bigger is better. Small signs may be difficult to read. That said, did you know that it is perfectly fine to have multiple signs on your building’s front? Whereas the sign that displays your name should be more prominent, niche differentiation markers could be smaller.
  • Fit the façade. When deciding how big is too big, factor in the overall appearance of the façade. Signage that overwhelms building front features stands out in all the wrong ways. Take a page from the playbook of ReVISION Counseling, and incorporate frames that incorporate the trim color of the building’s exterior.
  • Focus on branding. Presenting your brand details is a vital function of the building sign. In the process, you help customers remember your corporate persona through colors, fonts, and logo presentations. Use secondary signage for advertising and marketing purposes. Examples might include window graphics or banners.

Are You Rebranding?

New Logo Change Rebranding Signs Anaheim CA

Going through a logo change and need signs? We can help!

Companies routinely update their brands. Many do so after having been in business for decades. The goal is to adjust colors and font choices to portray a contemporary presentation. Consider that your customer base is gradually changing to include new generations. It makes sense to appeal to the evolving tastes as well.

If you are currently working with a marketing firm, we can use the specs that the advertising pros put together. Doing so lets us create a signage suite that creates a complete makeover for your property. Of course, we can also help you with the rebranding process in-house. Our graphic artist helps you make changes to your existing sign that reflects a new brand message.

Some business owners have had excellent success when adjusting their signage to feature an updated logo alongside new colors and fonts. If you are unsure just exactly how you want to tweak the brand message that your signs portray right now, discuss your plans with our experts. We show you different brand looks that might be exactly what you need. Contact us today to learn more about how to renew old signage in Anaheim and surrounding areas.

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