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A Logo Change Means New Lobby Signs for Trina Health

 Mar 01, 2015

Founded in 2005, Trina Health LLC specializes in the use of an artificial pancreas treatment that has the potential of reversing complications associated with diabetes. Assisting patients across the United States, this diabetes type one and two treatment is leading to the setup of additional clinics. The newest location is in West Los Angeles. When it came time to add a lobby sign, Superior Signs and Graphics got the call.

A New Lobby Sign Makes All the Difference!

Lobby signs for the healthcare industry Orange County

New logo? You need a new lobby sign!

We specialize in the design and manufacture of lobby signs for the healthcare industry. Orange County clinics have come to rely on us for the types of markers that brand and market while welcoming patients. After discussing their signage needs with Trina Health’s management team, it was decided that their logo would undergo a change. As a result, we manufactured the new logo from signage foam with brushed aluminum faces. The only exception is the letter “R” and the dot over the “I,” which are both actually painted foam. The flow of the marker perfectly embodies the branding of the business.

In the near future, we will manufacture new lobby signs for the other 90-plus locations in the nation. If you have been thinking of changing the look of your logo a bit as well, we can help you get all of your locations set up, too.

Reception area signs Orange County

Crisp and clean is best for the healthcare industry

Benefits of Customizing Your Reception Area Sign

  • Updated look. When you have been in business for a while, you know that the colors you had initially picked out are probably no longer the best choices for an appeal to your clientele. The most obvious example is the use of avocado green – a hit color during the 1970s – which has fallen out of favor. While it is not necessary to make dramatic changes, it is possible to simply modify the hue to a different green that is modern and will serve your company well with today’s consumers’ tastes in mind.
  • New curves. When angles were in, some companies relied heavily on this look to brand their businesses. Since then, curves have become the new bestseller. But these curves are more than just circles, Swooping curves, elongated curvatures and similar design elements are now considered the new upscale designs to select. When you want to change from angles to curves but keep your colors intact, we can help.
  • A whole new look. What do you do when the entire logo design is simply dated? The answer is simple: Call our lobby signage experts for help. We work with you to design a new logo from the ground up but keep it somewhat recognizable for your long-established customers. By doing this, we make it easy for these folks to still recognize your brand while we also attract a new customer base. We can change the look of your lobby sign, its colors and even its sizing.
Healthcare industry lobby signs Orange County

Many different materials available for lobby signs

Call us today for more information on lobby signage products as well as the process it takes to revamp your look. It is easier than you think and most likely much quicker than you anticipate. Take a page from the playbook of Trina Health and get your new logo lobby signs Orange County customers are sure to appreciate.

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