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Lobby Logo Sign for Los Angeles Law Firm Brands Offices!

 Jun 18, 2019

Reception wall logo signs in Los Angeles CA

Clients find Schorr Law at 1901 Avenue of The Stars in Suite 615. The firm assists with real estate negotiations as well as commercial leases, easements, and partition disputes. When it needed a lobby logo sign for a law firm in L.A., its management team connected with our sign shop for assistance.

Acrylics Encapsulate the Firm’s Brand Message

We worked with the management team to put together a look that would instantly present the brand message that the firm has created. Our technicians used half-inch-thick acrylic that they cut into the individual style elements. We ensured that the sign would look precisely as the online representation of the brand.

Lobby Logo Signs for Los Angeles Offices

Your logo should be in your lobby sign!

Our technicians painted the material in the custom colors that would make it stand out. Not only does it encapsulate the brand, but it also fits in perfectly with the interior décor. Therefore, this signage product now acts as an integral part of the brand-building process, as well as a piece of artwork.

Building Brand Recognition with Acrylic

Logo Lobby Signs Los Angeles CA

Engage clients by putting your brand on the wall!

Acrylic is one of the most versatile materials in signage making, especially in lobby signs. It is durable, suitable for interior and exterior applications, and impresses with the many ways of working with it.

  • Logo board with vinyl overlay. We take a transparent acrylic board that we cut into the right size. Next, we imprint your information on an acrylic overlay. By adding the overlay to the back of the acrylic, we create an attractive dimensional display.
  • Logo board with 3D style elements. In this setup, we spell out your information with dimensional letters. Choose from acrylic, foam, or metal. The combination of the materials is stylish and sophisticated.
  • Logo board with lighting. In this scenario, we paint the board in a custom color. Next, we add your corporate details. Finally, we add LEDs to the back of the design. When you turn on the sign, the light creates an attractive halo effect that boosts the attention your signage gets.

Building brand awareness with logo boards is easy. Of course, you can also take a page from the playbook of Schorr Law and eliminate the board option. Placing style elements directly on a suitable substrate is an excellent method for spacing the individual pieces in a way that makes sense for your setting. It takes away the limitations that a board might present. Besides that, we can boost the 3D aspects by applying the acrylic to foam, which could make them stand out even more.

Ordering the Ideal Lobby Logo Sign for Your Location

Acrylic 3D Letter Logo Lobby Signs in Los Angeles

Ready to brand your reception area?

Los Angeles consumers want the best and they expect the best. Therefore, you have to present brand-building signage that appeals to them. Unless your signage stands out in all the right ways, it quickly becomes a turn-off. Our team routinely works with business owners from L.A. who request our assistance with these tasks.

We recommend meeting with our graphic artist to discuss material usage, color play, and other considerations. If you already have specs on hand, this expert can translate them into a display that encapsulates your brand message. If you have not yet chosen a font and corporate palette, we gladly help you with developing it.

Contact us today to learn more about your options and start the design process.

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