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Passenger Van Graphics Reinforce Brand and Attract New Customers to Martial Arts Academy in Fullerton!

 Jun 11, 2019

Ford Transit Passenger Van Graphics in Fullerton CA

The American Martial Arts Academy is a long-time client. Over the years, our sign shop has helped the business put together fleet wraps for vans, vinyl window graphics, and custom vehicle wraps for the Placentia location. Recently, the management team contacted us once again to add new passenger van graphics in Fullerton.

Building an Effective Fleet Advertising and Marketing Campaign

So far, we have treated about five or six of the company’s passenger vans. Because the business added three new Ford Transit vans to the fleet, the team needed us to wrap them as well. Doing so would allow the vehicles to advertise the school’s Karate program.

Van Graphics for Karate Schools in Fullerton CA

Put your brand on your vans!

We used the same design that we created for the martial arts academy a few years ago. Doing so saved the client time. We were able to pull up the information from our computer system. Besides that, it enables the company to have complete design consistency in its fleet presentation and brand message display. Since there are two schools currently operating in the area, this is a vital consideration.

Most importantly, this design is a cost-effective product. Our technicians only cover three-quarters of each vehicle, which saves money. At the same time, we focus our attention on the essential advertising areas on the vans, which boosts the successful presentation of the look.

Industry Data Supports the Investment in Fleet Graphics

Wrapping your fleet vehicles is not just a nice idea. There is more to it than presenting an attractive presentation when you pull up at the curb. 3M, the company that manufactured the vinyl we prefer whenever we put together vehicle wraps and graphics, conducted a “Street-Smart Advertising” study.

Ford Transit Van Wraps in Fullerton CA

Turn your vehicles into moving billboards!

It found that just one graphics-treated truck conducting intra-city commerce could receive up to 16 million impressions in 12 months. If you multiply this figure by the number of vehicles in your fleet, you boost your reach appreciably. When asked if people could recall the advertisement on a truck, 97% were able to do so.

In fact, vehicle graphics and wraps create a positive image for a company. About 96% of those who responded to the survey considered this type of advertising to be more effective than stationary billboards. That said, billboards and other advertising methods are far more expensive – per impression – than the fleet graphics package.

Are You Thinking of Adding Passenger Van Graphics to your Advertising Presence?

Vehicle Wrap FAQs for Fullerton CA

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You do not need a full set of specs to start the process. You do not even need a logo. Our graphic artist gladly sits down with you and puts together a design from the ground up. By learning about your brand and understanding your vision for the outcome of the campaign, it is possible to put together a graphics package that encapsulates the details and makes your company stand out.

There is no better time than today to start the process. Your competition is not waiting. Many of them are also already working on a vehicle graphics package to outshine their competitors. Do not let this happen to you! Contact us today to schedule a design consultation.

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