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Large Scale Map Signs Create a Wayfinding System for Self-Storage Facilities in Orange County, CA!

 Mar 25, 2024

Clausen Enterprises manages Madison Squares Self-Storage in Anaheim and Anaheim Hills. You may remember that we have taken on a lot of work for Clausen in the past. Examples include mission statement panels, anti-graffiti window graphics, and commercial property “For Lease” signs. For this project, the client requested large map signs for storage facilities in Anaheim, CA.

building signs in anaheim, ca

Adding Value to the Renter’s Self-Storage Experience with Building Identifier Signs for Commercial Buildings

The company has devised an app that allows prospective storage unit renters to do the paperwork online. It lets them rent the unit that is right for their needs at any time, making it unnecessary to visit the office during its open hours. However, some renters needed help orienting themselves upon arrival.

The client needed to fix this problem, and a suitable set of signage solutions would solve the issue. We began by creating maps of the three storage buildings that feature all the numbered units. Our technicians installed them inside the buildings throughout the property. Next, we added building number signs to the three structures and placed a large map and sign explaining the app use at the entrance keypad. 

Large map signs for storage facilities in anaheim, ca

Now, renters arriving for the first time at Madison Squares Self-Storage easily find their way to the right buildings and units. Our team worked at the Anaheim facility first. Next, we will put similar signs in place for the Anaheim Hills facility.

Why are Wayfinding Systems Among the Most Important Building Signs?

First-time visitors often need help navigating retail environments, airports, hospitals, and other extensive facilities. When consumers perceive it to be too difficult to find their way, they may choose another store or service provider. This is where wayfinding signs come in. They guide visitors through complex spaces, offering clarity and direction. Besides that, they add tremendous value to your brand’s customer service efforts. 

Post and panel signs in anaheim, ca

Popular Options for Sign Choices to Help Customers Find Their Destination with Ease

Without wayfinding signs, even experienced shoppers get lost in a maze of corridors and escalators. We recommend placing these signs at critical junctions and including vital information such as directions to different sections, restrooms, elevators, and exits. 

building identifier signs for commercial buildings in anaheim, ca

While large map signs for storage facilities in Anaheim, CA, were ideal for this client, your venue likely has different needs. For example, warehouses and locations with high foot traffic can benefit from ceiling-mounted hanging signs. Clients also have had excellent success with signage suites featuring blade and panel signs. On the exterior, consider monument signs or post and panel products

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