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Anti-Graffiti Window Graphics Advertise Retail Suite for Lease in Norwalk, CA!

 Oct 13, 2020

Clausen Enterprises is a commercial property management group that oversees a variety of properties across SoCal. Superior Signs and Graphics has previously designed, manufactured, and installed window graphics to advertise commercial properties for lease in Anaheim and Norwalk. Recently, the client asked us to create another package of anti-graffiti “For Lease” window graphics in Norwalk, CA.

Graffiti Hurts Your Business

Anti-Graffiti For Lease Window Graphics in Norwalk CA

The unauthorized additions of permanent marker scribbles and spray-painted symbols are bad for business. As noted by the city of Riverside, graffiti adversely affects retail sales. It causes property values to go down. Most importantly, it scares customers away. Shoppers do not feel safe entering a business that is covered with it.

For the commercial property manager, graffiti leads to open vacancies that are challenging to fill. Knowing what the scribbles do to business deters many tenants from filling them. Most importantly, prospective tenants know that a management company that allows graffiti on its signage will likely take a hands-off approach when it spreads to the properties.

Clausen Protects Its Signage Investment with Anti-Graffiti Laminate

For Lease Window Graphics in Norwalk CA

Because we have worked with Clausen before, the management group knows that it is possible to protect their signage investment with little more than a specialized laminate we can add to the products. Therefore, when we produced the “For Lease” window graphics and die-cut lettering for the overhead sign, we incorporated the anti-graffiti protection.

If the signage were vandalized, the client’s maintenance crew could remove offensive tagging with little more than a soft rage and some rubbing alcohol. There is no need to paint over the scribbles, redo the signs, or wait for the city to assist with graffiti removal. In this way, the company saves thousands of dollars on replacement graphics. Most importantly, the always-pristine graphics have tenants looking and envisioning themselves in the vacant locations.

Who Buys Anti-Graffiti Window Graphics in Norwalk, CA?

For Lease Window Graphics that are Graffiti Proof in Norwalk CA

At the forefront of the move are the commercial property management groups. These clients understand that clean signage is a necessity when seeking to fill vacancies quickly. However, other businesses benefit from the combination of window graphics and anti-graffiti laminate as well.

  • Teen centers. Organizations that welcome at-risk teens, in particular, want to signal that their locations are safe. As a result, all types of graffiti have to be removed right away. When using window graphics to advertise their services, it makes sense to add the laminate.
  • Recreational facilities. Typically located in parks, recreational facilities feature clubhouses, meeting spaces, and exercise opportunities. As a result, they serve a wide variety of customers. To make all demographics feel safe and welcomed, they typically request anti-graffiti window graphics for their locations.
  • Retailers. If you do business in an area where graffiti is more common, it makes sense to protect your sign investments by covering them with the laminate. By the way, we can add the laminate not just to window graphics but also to several other signage solutions. Examples include post and panel signs, building panels, and A-frames.

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