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Gymnasium Wall Graphics at Orange Lutheran High School Helps Show Their School Pride!

 May 22, 2016

At Orange Lutheran High School, the senior class looks forward to giving a gift to the school toward the end of the year. It is a time-honored tradition that reinforces the understanding of leaving a legacy that matters. This year’s graduating class has chosen to support the school spirit with a wall graphics display for the gym. Since we already have a working relationship with the school, the class contacted us to put together the design, manufacture the graphics and install them in time for the presentation.

Gymnasium Wall Graphics in Orange County, CA

Wall graphics for school gyms in Orange County CA

These wall graphics shout out they are the “Home of the Lancers!”

After consulting with our clients, we put together a 100-foot wide wall wrap product that stands 4.5 feet tall. On one side, it spells out “Home of the Lancers.” On the other side, the product displays the name of the school alongside two of the venue’s logos. Using a wall film with a matte laminate ensures durability as well as a great look even when all the lights are on and could create a glare on a glossy product.

Gymnaisum Wall Graphics for Schools in Orange County

A look at the wall before the graphics!

Since our clients were in a bit of a time crunch (the unveiling was to take place in a few short days), we sent out two teams of installers to finish the mounting process within five hours. After cleaning up, only the attractive wall graphics reveal the fact that we were even there. The product was ready for the senior class’ presentation with time to spare.

Wall wraps for schools in Orange County CA

What a difference these vinyl graphics make!

Why Wall Graphics?

The use of digitally printed vinyl wall graphics, wraps, and lettering is a longstanding method of promoting products, informing consumers of specials or celebrating seasonal occasions. Organizations and educational facilities like this product solution to express school spirit. Within office settings, vinyl wall graphics serve for branding or ornamental purposes. Temporary versions of these products are ideal for those in the hospitality industry. Use them to dress up lobbies, meeting spaces or hallways to welcome visiting groups or convention goers.

What to Put on the Wrap or Other Graphics Product

Gym wall graphics for schools in Los Angeles County

A close up of these amazing graphics!

For Orange Lutheran High School, the goal was the display of school spirit within an athletic environment; showing off the name of the venue as well as the name of the sports team made sense. For your business, you may imprint the name of a new product, service or trademarked expression. Another message could be a call to action. Doing so is particularly advantageous during the winter holiday shopping season. For decorative purposes, consider the use of a complementary color to create a border that provides a visual divide of the room. When your setting features high ceilings, the installation of two borders greatly enhances the overall appeal of the space.

Discussing Your Wall Graphics Designs with an Expert

Whether you need wall graphics for school gyms in Orange County, CA, or you want something for a corporate office or retail space, we can help. Contact our graphic artists to discuss your design ideas and display preferences. We work with you to put together a look that complements your space. And yes, we do rush jobs (with ease).

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