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Foam Letter Building Signs for Warehouses in Los Angeles County CA

 May 14, 2016

Do you remember the warehouse and receiving signs we recently did for Dynamic Worldwide? The company’s management team asked us to create another signage display. This time, it is a building sign for the L.A. County warehouse. We used outdoor-rated foam for the material. Our technicians painted the dimensional letters in the green and blue colors that website visitors will see when they visit the business online. Since this warehouse is part of its western properties, we added a “West” notation in light gray. We finished this project by installing the lettering directly to the wall so that it displays centered above the entryway. It now serves the dual purposes of branding and wayfinding.

Dimensional Letter Building Signs for Businesses in Los Angeles County, CA

Foam Letter Building Signs for Warehouses in Los Angeles County CA

Foam letters offer a fantastic look!

You do not have to be in the transportation sector or run a warehouse to appreciate the versatility and great looks of dimensional letters. In fact, there are plenty of good reasons to consider this display option for your next exterior signage setup.

  • Materials. Choose from outdoor rated foam, metal or acrylic. These materials withstand the hot California weather, look great for years and present your branding message with ease.
  • Manufacturing techniques. Acrylic and metal look great when we die cut them. The crisp edges appear professional and stylish. For a three-dimensional look, the use of cut foam makes more sense. We can paint it or cover it with acrylic or metal laminates. Another option is molded plastic, which presents consumers with prismatic 3D faces. Standing out from competitors with this look is a snap.
  • Installation choices. Usually, we install dimensional letters flat to the wall. Sometimes, the use of standoffs creates a display that allows for light and shadow play. It also gives the illusion that the letters float above the façade. When your façade has an overhang, consider displaying the signage standing up or hanging down. It adds another opportunity to work with the building’s front for a unique appearance.

Which Signage Solution is Right for You?

Dimensional Letter Building Signs Los Angeles County CA

Dimensional letters offer a 3D effect!

If you are unsure that the dimensional letter presentation is right for you, there are additional options. For example, channel letter signs present with three distinct lighting designs that offer a completely new set of branding tools. Unlit channel letters are also available. Another excellent product is the lightbox cabinet. This product displays in the shape of a rectangle, your business’ logo, or any other form you prefer. We use aluminum to construct the durable sign’s body and polycarbonate to feature your information. Three different facing options allow for customization and branding.

Discussing Your Building Signage Project with an Expert

Building signs for warehouses in Orange County and Los Angeles County

Do you need signs for your warehouse?

Whether you need foam letter building signs for warehouses in Los Angeles County, CA, or want to explore your signage options for any other kind of commercial enterprise, we can help. Our graphic artists welcome the opportunity to provide you with sketches that feature different signage choices. Seeing the samples through the eyes of a first-time customer is a great help when making the decision on your next building sign. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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