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Additional Wall Graphics Help Finish Logistics Center Décor in the City of Industry!

 Jan 24, 2018

Office Wall Graphics | Los Angeles and Orange County CA

Do you remember the recent project we did for Quality Custom Distribution (QCD)? We gave the business’ logistics center a complete facelift. It now looks chic with its cityscape-wrapped alcove. Our client loved the look. Therefore, the team invited us back to add some more graphics.

Boosting the Great Look of Wall Graphics in Orange County

Office Vinyl Wall Graphics | City of Industry CA

Dazzling cityscape scene!

Do you remember the one photo that showed the alcove? It also showed a pole and a set of cabinets right in front of it. Initially, we did not treat these room features. But as the client looked at it, the team felt that we should wrap the pole, too. In fact, the team also asked us to cover their cabinets so that they would fit right in with the cityscape.

Since we had the graphics on file, it was no problem to create reprints of the vinyl. Our technicians spaced the designs to flow naturally against the backdrop of the already wrap-treated wall. With the pole and cabinets now also in wraps, they integrate beautifully into the flow of the room’s visual aesthetics.

Next up, we will work with the client to create etched vinyl logo decals for the bank of interior windows that runs the length of the room.

Changing the Way Employees and Clients Interact with Your Brand

Change office atmospheres with wall murals in Los Angeles County

Change the atmosphere of your office!

Could the company have left its command center look the way it did? Sure. However, by choosing to upgrade, it changed the way that everyone interacts with the brand. The visual appeal of the locale makes it easy to recognize the business as a thought leader in its niche. Because it is unlikely that competitors have similar command center décor, it is safe to say that wowing prospective employees and customers is a snap.

Overcoming the Paint Trap

Vinyl Office Wall Graphics | Orange County CA

Make your offices shine, entice and engage clients and employees!

When you first move into your new office or warehouse, the white walls are great for gaining a vision for what the location could look like. However, far too often, companies make the mistake of keeping the walls white. Why not dress them up?

  • Wall wraps. Take a page from the playbook of QCD, and dress up your interior walls with wraps. They have the power to change the way a space looks and feels.
  • Printed acrylic wall art. If you prefer movable artwork, we recommend the use of imprinted acrylic sheets. We can cut them to any size you need. By adding vinyl overlays or prints, you can dress up the typically transparent products. Our technicians install them with brushed aluminum standoffs for a great look.
  • Wall graphics. Installing die-cut wall graphics in Orange County offices and other spaces is another way of changing the normally drab walls of a location. Niche-specific images, decorative shapes, or your logo and name combination are good options.

Have we inspired you to look at your walls with a new set of eyes? Discuss your thoughts with our experts. We can help you to visualize the appearance of an overhauled location with ease. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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