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American Martial Arts Academy Benefits From Fleet Van Wraps

 Mar 27, 2014
Fleet van wraps Orange County

Get your fleet noticed in Orange County with van wraps!

Located in Fullerton, the American Martial Arts Academy is an important member of the local business community. In addition to teaching children martial arts and fostering the character development that goes hand in hand with the practice, this top karate school offers the additional perk of doing school pick-ups. A great after-school program, it is not unusual to see the academy’s vans in and around Fullerton School District venues, Brea schools and La Habra as well as Placentia district schools.

To set their vans apart from other organizations doing student pick-ups, The American Martial Arts Academy contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for vehicle wraps. We wrapped two vans for the business. The backdrop colors are blue and white, which is in keeping with the company’s overall color scheme from the website. The company’s website, phone number and colorful pictures of some students are on all four sides.

Van wraps and fleet graphics Orange County

Fleet graphics advertise 24/7!

Do Fleet Wraps in Orange County Make a Difference?

In a word: yes! Consider that you have two vans driving down the highway. One features a colorful wrap with plenty of business information. The other one is plain white. Whose business are you going to identify? Obviously, the wrapped van offers you all the company information you need to make contact or to make a buying decision.

There is another reason for adding these particular martial art van wraps: In Orange County, there are not that many after-school programs that pick up at local schools. Branding here is crucial when you want to build name awareness. Parents are bound to notice the colorful vans and take down the information for a time when they are ready to enroll their children in a fun after school program.

How Do Wraps Put Your Vehicles to Work for You?

You already have the van, truck or car. You need it for your business. Even if you just drive it to the store to buy supplies, this vehicle is working for your business. Why not make use of the sides, top and rear?

When you add colorful decals, lettering and graphics, you turn the car that is already going down the street into a persuasive rolling billboard. It has the power to introduce pedestrians and motorists to a company that they might otherwise never think of checking out. Once the vehicles are properly treated, they market your company around the clock in all types of weather – for at least four to five years.

Fleet graphics and wraps Orange County

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Additional Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

In addition to the obvious, there are also other benefits to wrapping your fleet or single car.

  • Position yourself as a thought leader. Although wrapped vehicles are becoming more commonplace, they still imbue the business owner with an air of being an innovative leader in the niche. Capitalize on this impression!
  • Highlight services or products. Folks know that the American Martial Arts Academy teaches, well, martial arts. Fewer onlookers knew about the after-school program. Making good use of a wrap introduces audiences to these products and services.
  • Run sales. When you add quick response (QR) codes or social media handles, you can work a secondary social media advertising campaign with the help of your vehicle. Change out the codes as needed. This makes your car a great tool and keeps its message relevant.

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