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Giving Children Hope in Buena Park Brands With Box Truck Wraps!

 Aug 06, 2015

Located at 8332 Commonwealth Avenue, Giving Children Hope is a faith-based nonprofit organization that has made it its mission to support communities – in particular the children – with food and medical supplies. Using box trucks to transport donations and aid, the group also has a program to support needy children in our communities with wholesome foods. In the course of this endeavor, one of the trucks that would be used to transport backpacks of food to children in Southern California still needed a wrap identifying the charity. This is when Superior Signs and Graphics got the call for assistance.

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Box Truck Wraps for Buena Park, CA

Our professionals worked with the group’s representatives to put together an attractive wrap design that combines the charity’s name with its logo. In addition, graphics that show children’s faces drive home the point that this is an organization that makes a serious impact with tangible goods. The lettering of the wrap explains a bit more about the group’s mission and ends with a call for onlookers to get involved and help out as well.

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Wraps with Multiple Purposes

From the perspective of a charity, the use of a vehicle wrap makes sense. It educates the community about the presence of the organization, its mission and its need for donations and volunteers. In this manner, the group has the opportunity to garner more community partners to help with the fulfillment of its mission.

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For a business, a wrap has a different purpose. Although the graphics and lettering also educate the consumer on the presence of this particular company, decals and style elements further enable the prospective customer to make a buying decision by seeing how one particular business differentiates itself within its niche. For a plumber, this could mean the use of hydro jetting for drain cleanings and the visual cues on the wrap that highlight this service option.

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Against the backdrop of a political campaign, a full wrap enhances a candidate’s name recognition. Since a broad range of campaign events are geared toward making a person’s name a household name and combining the name recognition with a face, using this mobile marketing solution for the candidate of your choice can be highly effective. Add campaign talking points, keep it simple with pictures and a tag line, or add humorous style elements to enhance the memory of passersby.

Commissioning Your Wrap

When you need box truck wraps in Orange County, CA, talk to our professionals about your intended look. If you already have artwork on file, we can integrate it into the wrap’s design. When you do not yet have anything that you want to use, or you are re-branding and need to make changes to the artwork on file, we can work with that, too.

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Our professionals design the desired look and provide you with sketches that show how the finished product will look. At this time, we also inspect the automobile and take measurements, which allow us to use the right proportions for the graphics. When your box truck or similar vehicle has rivets, we work around them to ensure that the finished look is free of blemishes. Call us today to get started on your project.

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