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Boys & Girls Club of Buena Park CA Uses Wall Graphics at Annual Fundraiser

 May 22, 2014
Fundraiser wall graphics Buena Park CA

Inspirational wall graphics for nonprofits!

Installing our wall graphics is fun whenever there are kids around. If you are a loyal reader of our blog, you already know that we did some vinyl wall lettering for Buena Park’s Boys & Girls Club located at 7758 Knott Avenue. Affirming statements such as “It starts here!” really spruced up the locale. Well, when the Boys and Girls Club of Buena Park got ready for their annual Fiesta fundraiser, they contacted Superior Signs and Graphics again.

The organizers wanted us to help them get the place ready for the benefit with eight huge wall graphics as well as two smaller ones. In addition, we were asked to add colored squares of varying sizes to the walls for a whimsical and festive appearance. No problem! This is the kind of project that we love to do! Pretty soon we had huge wall graphics in place that offered affirming statements to youths of all ages. Happy yellow, teal, green and purple squares rubbed elbows with those of other colors as well.

Fundraiser wall graphics Orange County

The benefits of celebrity inspiration!

The showstopper was the focal point wall graphic depicting Denzel Washington who talked about his positive experience with the Boys & Girls Club and the lifelong impact its lessons have had on him. Fiesta visitors loved the graphics, but what was the most fun was when we were there Friday afternoon finishing up a few details and the kids showed up. Some of them had not seen the graphics yet.  There were a lot of “ooos” and “wows!” as the kids saw them for the first time. This was most certainly our favorite part of working with the organization.

Setting the stage with wall graphics is not a new idea. Whether you are hosting a fundraiser, major sales event or will be introducing a new product line or service, wall graphics provide the backdrop against which these presentations take place.

Fundraiser vinyl wall murals Orange County

Bright, crisp and colorful!

  • Marketing. Inviting members of the press to a new product launch is commonplace. Having wall graphics that depict your other products will lead to advertising in the local paper when the photographer snaps pictures. With the graphics placed around the room, it is next to impossible to avoid getting them into a shot.
  • Branding. Attendees at your function make the connection between your company’s name, its logo and your products or services. This assists with name recognition as well.
  • Interior design. Adding wall murals greatly enhances the look and feel of a space that would be naked without the artwork. Whether you choose a few large murals, a whole-wall scene or opt for smaller graphics around the room, the collection of shapes and colors makes a difference in the way that visitors and workers perceive the space.
Inspirational vinyl wall graphics Orange County

Great for displaying club programs!

The list of useful placements for wall graphics is virtually endless. Think through your property layout. Are there areas where framed artwork might not make sense but wall murals could make the difference between a sleek look and the current appearance of unfinished wall space? Invite us over for a site evaluation. We would love to show you how we can spruce up the place.

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