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Full Color Wall Murals and Graphics for Office, Retail and Commercial Applications in Orange County!

 Jun 19, 2017

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Are you ready to dress up your commercial space? Full color wall murals and graphics in Orange County, CA, spruce up offices, restaurants, and retail operations. But there is more to selecting the graphics and putting them up than meets the eye. For example, would you know if your wall surface is suitable for mural mounting in the first place?

Working with a 3M Certified Preferred Graphics Installer from Start to Finish

Wall murals and graphics for restaurants in Orange County CA

Vinyl wall murals make restaurants pop!

Our experts underwent rigorous training through 3M, the manufacturer who provides the lion’s share of vinyl used in sign making. During this experience, experts emphasized the importance of conducting a pre-installation vinyl adhesion test. Far too often, we talk to clients who commission vinyl murals only to find out later that their walls are not suited for the planned installation.

Our technicians visit your location well before installation time to test the wall and ensure that the finished product will adhere to the substrate. Some recently painted walls take up to five weeks to cure fully. Others have surface solvents that do not work well with the glue we use for adhesion. If there is a problem, one of the easiest workarounds is to paint the wall with a primer that lets us install the mural within a few short days.

Putting Together the Look

Wall Murals in Orange County CA for Commercial Spaces

Vinyl graphics add character to any school or organization!

What do you want the mural to look like? Some eatery owners have chosen to display larger than life depictions of their signature dishes alongside all the reasons why their foods are superior. Combining images with lettering creates a visually impressive setup that appeals to the senses. Within an office setting, vignettes of the company’s movers and shakers doing fun, silly, or business-related tasks is a great way of adding personality to the environment. Inspiring those doing business with you via quotes or even just a team’s colors can make a significant difference in the way the consumer interacts with your brand.

Choosing Quality 3M Materials Brings Pizzazz to any Setting

Wall Murals for Retailers in Orange County CA

A relaxing atmosphere in salons and spas!

One of the most important aspects our clients ask about revolves around the ability to clean the murals. Spills happen in any environment. Being able to wipe clean the wall’s covering without scratching or otherwise damaging the surface area is important. We cover our vinyl wall graphics with a clear, protective laminate coating that protects against spills and allows for easy cleanup.

Depending on your preference, we can put together your images with a matte or semi-gloss finish. Although standard vinyl works well in most settings, some clients prefer textured products that remind of sand or pebbles. Doing so enhances the realism of images such as waves, clouds, or soil. Another material option includes fabric-based wall graphics.

Ordering Full Color Wall Murals and Graphics in Orange County, CA

Wall Murals for Work Spaces in Orange County CA

Great for open office work spaces!

When you are ready to dress up the walls in your business – or your home – entrust your project to our experts. We show you what the finished product will look like before you make the decision to go ahead. Call us today to get started on your project!

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