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Frosted Window Treatments and Lettering Enhance Interior Glass in Buena Park, CA!

 Apr 12, 2021

Cross Talk Global is a non-profit organization that works with individuals who feel called into the ministry. By equipping these candidates to share a gospel relevant to changing demographics, the group seeks to break down cultural and socioeconomic barriers to hearing the message of Christ. A sponsor, Allegra, recently approached our sign shop to design, produce, and install frosted window treatments and lettering in Buena Park CA, for the organization’s learning center.

Improving the Good Looks of a Conference Space with Brand-Centric Graphics and Lettering

Frosted window treatments and lettering in Buena Park CA

Frosted vinyl is one of the most popular window graphics materials for the inside. We routinely work with companies looking for ways to add definition to a space dominated by floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Even though they look fantastic and allow plenty of natural light to permeate the area, it also contributes to a fishbowl effect.

Typically the conference or meeting rooms, these office spaces put participants on display for passersby. It takes away from the ability to concentrate and focus on the meetings or tasks at hand. Of course, there is a second reason for adding vinyl window graphics.

frosted window graphics in anaheim ca

Look closely, and you will notice that Allegra commissioned a frame-style setting covering the uppermost and bottom right corners of the glass panels. In the middle, you will see the Cross Talk Global name and logo. Slightly to the left and farther down, the tagline identifies the non-profit organization’s stated goal.

The combination of these elements results in a brand-centric display that attractive defines this aspect of the space. It is perfectly sized to maintain the integrity of the interior décor. Most importantly, it allows a view in to and out of the room.

Custom Frosted Vinyl Opens the Door to Branding, Marketing, and Aesthetics

frosted window treatments in anahiem ca

It sounds as though etched and frosted graphics are pretty much just letters or symbols. However, there is so much more that we could do with this medium! We have designed, produced, and installed horizontal stripes with and without logo symbol cutouts in the past.

Installed in the middle third of a set of glass panels, they obstruct the view inside a conference room for privacy. Boost the sense of privacy on one side by featuring floor-to-ceiling frosted covers with an imprinted logo and corporate persona display. It is a fantastic method for adding more advertising to your space.

Superior Signs and Graphics Customizes Your Frosted Window Treatments and Lettering in Buena Park CA

frosted window graphics in anaheim ca (2)

Do you operate a business, school, non-profit organization, or any other venue with large glass panels? Could these panels benefit from frosted and etched window graphics? Would you prefer the addition of colorful imprints that grab the attention of passersby? No matter what type of space you do business in, our team can customize a set of window graphics that looks great and meets your needs. If you have multiple window surfaces you would like to see treated with dis/similar products, we can do that, too.

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