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Frosted Window Graphics Provide Privacy for Inside Office Windows in Irvine!

 Jan 18, 2021

Transform glass windows and doors into brand-focused advertising displays. Far too many business owners miss out on the many options that frosted window graphics in Irvine, CA, open up. By the way, the effective use of window privacy film is not limited to offices. The medium is also excellent for restaurants and retailers. Here is what you need to know.

Conference Room Glass is Ideal for Frosted Graphics Displays

Frosted Window Graphics in Irvine CA

The open floor plan has caused Orange County builders to construct conference rooms with glass walls. Although it looks fantastic and allows the light to enter a space, it is so easy to get distracted during meetings. The fishbowl effect can result in unproductive meetings.

However, etched and frosted vinyl has the power to make a significant difference. Something as seemingly simple as a frosted vinyl stripe, for example, can minimize the seeming intrusion of people walking by a meeting. We recommend placing it in the middle third of the glass walls for this effect.

Customer Designed Privacy Film Complements Interior Décor

customer designed etched glass graphics in irvine ca

Frequently, our clients have the best ideas. They have a vision for the ways they want an entrance suite door to look. Maybe they have kicked around this idea but did not know that it was possible to see their ideas become a reality with privacy film.

An excellent example is the presentation of a brand-centric entryway with embellishments. Taking up slightly more than the middle third of the glass doors and panels that open into a hallway, professionally etched vinyl is a fantastic way of greeting customers. This type of window treatment is also suitable for wayfinding in department corridors, where multiple offices serve customers.

Frosted Vinyl Allows for Brand-Focused Privacy in All Settings

Frosted window vinyl for offices in orange county

Whether you operate a medical office, separate cubicles with glass, or want to maximize the number of sales nooks in your storefront financial branch, you can take advantage of privacy film. It is interesting to note that the vinyl is not only useful for actual window glass but also for acrylic or polycarbonate sheets. Plexiglas is another favorite that business owners like to use to create quick separations.

Stripes work well. The same is true for geometric shapes. Something as simple as a rectangle with your corporate logo etched out is a good choice for creating privacy, branding, and advertising products or services.

What Could Your Company Do with Frosted Window Graphics in Irvine CA?

etched glass graphics in irvine ca

What are the problems that a few well-placed vinyl stripes could solve? How could you continue telling your brand story with the etched and frosted vinyl film? Are you representing your corporate presence sufficiently for the size of your office? If you are unsure whether you are maximizing your brand’s reach, we can help.

Invite our team for a site survey. At that time, we can give you ideas for ways to direct more attention to your brand with privacy film. If you are only looking for ways to ensure privacy during meetings, we can share with you the best ways of making it happen – while keeping the setup of your office intact.

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