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You’ve Got Maids Advertises With Franchise Car Wraps in Orange County!

 Nov 02, 2014
Franchise vehicle wraps Orange County

Advertise your franchise 24/7!

Located at 261 Lakeview Ave, in Placentia, You’ve Got Maids is the housekeeping service that locals love – serving Yorba Linda and surrounding areas. As a franchise owner working with the national company, this franchisee needed to spread the word quickly about the availability of a service that puts quality work and total customer satisfaction at the top of their priorities. And what are some of the best marketing tools available? Car wraps for franchises! Orange County business owners already know that these branding tools are excellent at turning a new company into a household name in a short amount of time. They do the same for franchises.

Franchise Vehicle Wraps Are Moving Billboards!

Cleaning Company vehicle wraps Orange County

We took this Nissan and turned it into…

When Superior Signs and Graphics got the call, we met with the new franchisee. He had a charcoal-gray Nissan Sentra that he wanted to turn into a marketing tool. Using the color scheme from the national company’s documents, we started with a yellow full wrap. Appropriate artwork was also available from the home office. We designed swooshes on the bubbles for a fun visual. It is interesting to note that the franchisee initially planned to have his car painted yellow and then just hire us to add some vehicle vinyl lettering and decals. But when he found out how much more it would cost to do both – as opposed to having us manufacture and install a full wrap – he realized that going with the wrap was far more cost-effective.

After creating some proofs of cleaning company vehicle wraps, the Orange County franchise You’ve Go Maids chose a stylish design that combines corporate artwork with some individualized touches. We used 3M premium IJ180 cast wrap film, which is the best in the business. Adding a 3M cast gloss laminate with UV protection ensures that the Southern California sun does not fade the colors. Since the franchisee already has a yellow Chevy Aveo, we will apply only die-cut graphics to this particular vehicle shortly.

Car wraps for franchises Orange County

…a stunning, noticeable and memorable moving billboard!

Why Not Brand Your Franchise?

Are you ready to market and brand your business with a highly visible movable billboard? When these cars are on the road, it is impossible to not see them. The information is presented in big letters and numerals. There is even a QR (quick response) code on the back, which lets those standing behind the vehicle use smartphones for interaction with the company. Imagine if this type of setup was found on your business vehicles! The impact that you could have is astounding and could make a very real difference in your name recognition around town and also in consumers’ brand awareness.

Vehicle graphics for Orange County franchises

Market your franchise even when parked!


For example, did you know that each wrapped vehicle gets about 30,000 to 70,000 views on a daily basis? This means that this many consumers see and notice your vehicle! In noticing your vehicle, they also learn about your company’s name and niche. This is how a well-wrapped vehicle easily generates name recognition. Now, consider that the average wrap lasts about seven to nine years. You spend only about $2 per day for this type of continuous advertising! When you multiply the possible views by the number of your fleet vehicles, this impact is truly eye-opening. Call us! We’re happy to discuss car wraps for your particular franchise or business.

Orange County franchise vehicle wraps

A great investment; cheaper than other ad venues!

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