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Interior and Exterior Signage Makeover For Alloy Die Casting in Orange County!

 Oct 26, 2014
Exterior Building Signs Orange County

This new exterior sign really stands out!

Located at 6550 Caballero Boulevard in Buena Park, the Alloy Die Casting Corporation just recently took over the building next to the company’s existing property. Obviously, this meant adding exterior signage that would match the look of the already existing building. In the past, the company’s management team chose to commission thick aluminum lettering that is cost-prohibitive nowadays. The company was in a quandary over what to do. This is when Superior Signs and Graphics got a call.

Interior and Exterior Signage Makeovers Are Just One of Our Specialities!

Interior lobby signs Orange County

This lobby sign welcomes clients nicely!

We met with the management team and discussed the advantages of exterior and interior signage makeovers. Orange County members of the business community already know that this is a money-saving process that results in eye-grabbing attractive signage solutions at lower prices than completely new installations. We did a site evaluation and recommended the use of two-inch-thick outdoor-rated foam for the manufacture of the letters and logo for their exterior sign. These were then covered with brushed metal faces on the front and silver paint on the sides.

In addition to the new exterior signs, Orange County based Alloy Die Casting also needed a lobby sign. We imitated the look of the exterior marker – obviously on a much smaller scale – and used interior-rated foam. But rather than using silver paint on the sides of the foam, we painted the sides black to add depth and make the brushed metal fronts stand out. When you enter the lobby, you will notice that this customized reception area sign perfectly matches the previously installed light sconces.

Reception area banner stands Orange County

Banner stands are very effective in reception areas!

We also did some additional new interior signs. Orange County members of the business community have come to realize that trade show displays are not just for exhibition halls any longer. Not surprisingly, retractable banner stands and other trade show favorites are now found in the waiting rooms of medical offices, in showrooms and also in the retail environment. Alloy Die Casting asked for two trade show banner stands that they could place in the lobby where they will soon flank a showroom product display. Once completed with the three projects, this customer was so happy that the management team intends to call us back to do a box truck automotive wrap next.

Need Updated Signage?

Could a signage makeover be the answer to your problems as well? Have you held on to an old sign because a replacement is too expensive? Have you – almost, perhaps? – succumbed to the Siren’s song of adding handmade signage to your business simply because the existing sign bears the name of another company? Wait! Call our friendly signage makeover professionals first. We routinely refurbish existing signs that may be outdated, starting to show their ages and just need a bit of a makeover to look like new.

Interior and Exterior Signage Makeovers Orange County

Ask us about signage makeovers!

It is not always necessary to replace an existing sign. If the marker itself is in reasonable shape and only needs minor structural repairs, we can usually fix and upgrade it for a fraction of the cost that you would pay for a completely new sign. Many of our customers have been surprised to find out that the much-needed signage change was actually quite affordable – with a little money left for other projects.

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