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Fleet Vehicle Graphics Programs for Service Businesses in Fullerton, CA, That Save You Time and Money!

 Mar 06, 2023

When we first introduced you to C&L Refrigeration in 2014, Superior Signs and Graphics assisted the firm in branding with truck lettering. Over the years, our shop collaborated with the client on a fleet graphics program for service vehicles and commercial vehicle graphics for a growing fleet. Our latest project for this client involved new fleet vehicle graphics in Fullerton, CA. What does C&L Refrigeration like about our service and product?

fleet vehicle graphics programs in fullerton, ca

Superior Signs and Graphics Specializes in Fullerton, CA, Commercial Vehicle Graphics for Fleets

Our shop has assisted this client for almost a decade with fleet graphics. What makes us a good fit for this company’s needs?

  • 3M products. Our technicians use premium 3M products to manufacture vehicle graphics, decals, and wraps. This manufacturer is well known for producing excellent raw materials that set the standard for the industry. 
  • Graphics adaptations. Since we keep clients’ specs on file, it is easy to adapt graphics packages to fit multiple vehicle types. For C&L Refrigeration, we could make graphics products for Ford Transit vans, Ford F350 service trucks, and even Chevrolet Cargo vans when Ford cannot supply enough vehicles.
  • Superior response times. Turnaround time is a big deal when you are a fleet manager with multiple incoming cars, trucks, or vans that must hit the road. The client gives us a heads-up that new vehicles are added to the fleet, and we turn around and submit graphics for proofing. Fast production and quick installations are next.
  • Convenience. Most sign shops will ask you to bring your vehicles to them for treatment. We will gladly handle all aspects of vehicle preparation and installation here. However, we also come to your shop if it makes more sense to do so. It is the element of our fleet vehicle graphics program that makes sense to larger companies in Fullerton, CA, and beyond.

fullerton, ca commercial vehicle graphics

What Goes into a Successful Fleet Graphics Program?

When you are in the market for outfitting two or more vehicles with graphics, decals, or wraps, work with a sign shop partner who is in it for the long haul. You want a company that has established itself in the business. It must get the materials needed quickly and be responsive to your deadlines. 

Most shops can prepare a vehicle for treatment. Many can do a good installation. However, only some can take the project from inception to final installation in a way that makes sense for a fleet manager. 

The Superior Signs and Graphics Difference

Talk to us if you are still looking for this sign partner for fleet vehicle graphics in Fullerton, CA. Our graphic artist offers in-house design services. Concurrently, you already know that we produce the graphics at our shop and handle all aspects of the installation process ourselves. We are 3M preferred installers. Therefore, we not only know how to install fleet graphics but how to do it right the first time.

Fleet vehicle graphics in fullerton, ca

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