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Lobby Logo Sign Options for Offices in Irvine, CA Make Your Brand Stand Out Professionally!

 Feb 27, 2023

The Superior Signs and Graphics team routinely works with clients who need office logo wall signs in Irvine, CA, and beyond. It is critical to remember that the only way to ensure your brand expression is through complete customization of the product. A sign that looks fantastic in a competitor’s office may fall flat in yours. For this reason, our graphic artist works hard to grab your brand message and translate it into a unique signage solution.

Case Study: Frosted Acrylic Lobby Signs

L2 Financial at 17852 17th Street in Tustin has been in business since 1978. Over the decades, the company managed the wealth, retirements, and investments of generations of customers. For this firm, the lobby sign had to be almost minimalist. Because it is connected to such a rich history of expertise and service, the emphasis had to be on what the brand is linked to.

Frosted Acrylic Lobby Signs In Irvine CA

Therefore, we worked on making the company’s corporate persona stand out with a frosted acrylic panel that we treated with die-cut vinyl graphics. We installed the board to the wall with brushed aluminum standoffs. The finished product is brand-centric and sophisticated, presenting a solid message based on decades of experience and success. 

Acrylic Lobby Signs In Irvine CA

Case Study: 3D Lobby Logo Signs

Excellent Capital at 18575 Jamboree Road in Irvine was founded in 2014 and emphasizes wealth generation via commodities trading and asset management. In this case, the brand message underscores that the company is what is missing in its customers’ financial management plan. The firm had a highly-detailed logo presentation that needed to be translated into a lobby sign.

Office Logo Wall Signs In Irvine CA

Our technicians began with half-inch-thick acrylic that we cut into the individual style elements for the sign. Next, we painted the pieces in the corporate colors already selected. Our graphic artist had calculated the spacing that would be ideal for the wall, and we mounted the components – following this template – flush to the wall. It is the perfect brand message to display in the company’s lobby.

3D Lobby Logo Signs In Irvine CA

Designing Office Logo Wall Signs in Irvine, CA

Both companies in our case study have a similar business model. However, their brand messages are entirely different. As a result, the signage that displays their names has to be unique for each client. This is the power of a custom-designed lobby sign. Would it be easier to narrow down the client’s choice of available styles? Of course! But it would not serve the client’s needs.

Whenever our shop puts together a signage solution, we emphasize what makes the client’s company unique. We work with the specs you have already put together or paid an advertising firm good money to design. Conversely, if you are still testing out several different brand expressions, our graphic artist will collaborate with you on the ideal design for your location and message.

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