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Fleet Graphics Programs for Orange County Service Businesses! Take Advantage of Thousands of Consumer Impressions Daily!

 Mar 14, 2018

More and more businesses are joining the mobile marketing revolution. Fleet graphics programs for Orange County companies are becoming a necessity to remain competitive. An excellent example is C&L Refrigeration. This company is one of our long-time clients with a large fleet of service vehicles. Because the company does business in California as well as Nevada, a recognizable brand message is a key element to success. Just recently, the team called us to install more fleet graphics for new vehicles.

Decals and Lettering for Five New F250 Service Body Trucks

Fleet Graphics Programs | Orange County CA

Branding your entire fleet with similar graphics works!

When this company adds new vehicles to the fleet, the management team’s representative contacts us to discuss the installation of decals and lettering. Because we keep the company’s specs on file, putting together a new set of products is a snap. Relying on us to get the job done saves the company time and money. We printed out the vinyl products, headed to the company’s garage, and installed everything on site. Now, the new trucks blend in perfectly with the other vehicles. When they are on the road, they advertise C&L Refrigeration and underscore the company’s brand message.

The Importance of Comprehensive Fleet Graphics Programs in Orange County

Fleet Graphic Decals | Orange County CA

Add decals and logos to your fleet!

Advertising your service is a critical aspect of establishing a territory. It enables you to make your company a household name. In the process, you marginalize competitors who try to set themselves up in the area. It is fair to say that the more treated vehicles you have on the road, the more exposure to your message the consumer base will receive.

When a would-be customer sees your trucks and vans multiple times a day, you become a serious contender to provide services. The person figures that you are an established business, which works with neighbors in the area. Of course, advertising with vehicle wraps and graphics does more than present you as a serious competitor. It also establishes your brand.

How do you differ from the other service providers in the territory? What makes you stand out? Lettering, in particular, is an excellent way of getting this point across. Our technicians routinely work with business owners who are looking to amplify their brand messages with mobile marketing.

What Should a Good Vehicle Graphics Package Communicate?

Contractor Fleet Graphics | Orange County CA

Graphics and lettering help you brand from all sides!

Even though we customize a vehicle graphics setup for each business clients, there are some common themes.

  • Name and logo. Always advertise with your corporate name and symbol. Doing so emphasizes the combination of the two. It generates brand recognition among consumers.
  • Services menu. Unless your name explains your niche, it makes sense to point out what you do. Many newcomers to a business community will present a services menu as an introduction. Consumers, who see the treated vehicles, learn more about the company and how it might meet their needs. Customers develop brand awareness. They combine brand recognition with the types of services or products you offer.
  • Eye candy. C&L Refrigeration uses red paint jobs to attract attention. Once consumers look, they take in the marketing and branding messages. Other business owners choose to present inventive vehicle wraps that feature vignettes, cartoon images, and similar graphics. Others feature clever lettering that presents memorable messages. Examples might include taglines or mottos.

If you are curious to find out what mobile marketing could look like for your business, contact our graphic artist today for more information!

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