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Eye-Catching Commercial Real Estate “For Lease” Signs and Banners Get Attention and Fill Vacancies for Property Managers in La Habra!

 Dec 18, 2019

Located at 1500 Rosecrans Avenue in Suite 500, Global Properties, Inc is a full-service real estate brokerage. The company specializes in comprehensive listings that include the South Bay, Manhattan Beach, and L.A. When this firm needed commercial real estate “For Lease” signs and banners in La Habra CA, a representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Designing, Producing, and Installing Custom Commercial Real Estate Signs

Commercial Real Estate “For Lease” Signs and Banners in La Habra CA

After meeting with the client, we got to work on the signs’ designs with the specs in hand. First, there was a V-shaped real estate sign. It addresses consumers coming from multiple directions. We designed the product with the company’s custom colors and unique symbol.

For Lease Banners in La Habra CA

Moreover, you notice that we switched from a white to a red backdrop to boost interest in the sign and adhere to visual aesthetics. The banner also features the company’s symbol and color play. We used high-quality vinyl that we then imprinted with the details. Finally, we brought our bucket truck to install this banner at the ideal display location.

Now, the signs combine to create a persuasive message that encourages interested lessees to stop and take note of the location. By featuring the banner over the vacancy itself, consumers can envision themselves renting the space for their business. Because both signs have contact details, it is easy for the firm to fill this opening quickly.

Effective Real Estate Signs Combine Form with Function

Commercial Real Estate Signs in La Habra CA

Branding is of the utmost importance in the real estate field. Secondly, there is a push to fill vacancies. La Habra is a competitive venue. Therefore, real estate professionals understand that a signage one-two punch is almost always the best solution. In the case of Global Properties, Inc, we combined a banner with a “For Lease” sign.

For your business, you might choose a different approach. For example, many commercial real estate specialists now also advertise with window wraps. They feature colorful samples of the area’s vibe, which makes it easy for prospective lessees to envision themselves doing business with local shoppers.

Others display multiple “For Lease” signs around the property itself. They focus on the corner areas to catch the attention of people in cross-traffic. Therefore, they typically address motorists waiting at a light or stop sign. For them, these signs frequently feature some information about the available property, such as square footage or usage potential.

How to Order Commercial Real Estate “For Lease” Signs and Banners in La Habra CA

Real Estate For Lease Banners in La Habra CA

Our sign shop routinely works with specialists in the commercial real estate field. We gladly create signs using wood, high-density urethane, or aluminum products. Besides that, we can also make reusable products that only feature your contact details and branding.

Conversely, we can customize a sign setup that meets the needs of a unique setting. For example, a V-shaped sign can be right for your location. For others, you may do better with a triangle. Most importantly, we adapt the product to the needs of your business. If you anticipate the possibility of vandalism, for example, we can apply an anti-graffiti coating to protect your investment.

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