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Realtor Announces New Location with Custom Lighted Building Lettering in Yorba Linda CA

 Dec 16, 2019

RE/MAX Cornerstone in Brea is a long-time client of Superior Signs and Graphics. As the company has relocated and grown, we assisted with targeted signage products. Examples included pylon sign graphics and refurbishing, as well as lightbox cabinets, posters, and wall graphics. This time, the company needed help at the fourth location with custom-lighted building lettering in Yorba Linda CA.

Designing a Brand Message for a New Location

Lighted Building Lettering in Yorba Linda CA

We worked with the client to develop a signage suite that would meet the team’s needs. This time, RE/MAX Cornerstone is opening a Yorba Linda location in an old bank building. Because the bank did not have signage that we could refurbish, we designed channels letters that we mounted in two areas.

Channel Letters in Yorba Linda CA

Due to the building’s setup, we opted for a raceway installation. Doing so involved the use of an elongated box that contains the electrical wiring that we would typically route through the attic. To make it visually disappear, we painted the raceway in the same color as the façade. Moreover, you will notice that the channel letters are not in the company’s typical red and blue colors. Below are some pictures of the installation process:

Building Sign Installation in Yorba Linda CA

Channel Letter Installation in Yorba Linda CA

Channel Letter Signs on Raceways in Yorba Linda CA

The client opted for the use of white lettering to contrast with the brown of the building’s color. Now, consumers notice two distinct channel letter displays that identify the firm. They address passersby as well as motorists. This setup boosts the foot traffic that the firm receives while also assisting with wayfinding.

The Importance of Highly Visible Building Signage

Custom made signs for buildings in Yorba Linda CA

If there is one pet peeve that consumers have, it is the absence of signage. Do not be a company that the customer cannot find. Moreover, make wayfinding so easy that your signs actually encourage the impulse stop. Doing so is simple with a number of building sign options.

  • Channel letters. Take a page from the playbook of RE/MAX Cornerstone, and invest in illuminated channel letters. These light up after dark, which makes them easy to see when the sun goes down. Most importantly, they can contrast beautifully from the façade to which we mount them. This makes them even more eye-catching.
  • Box cabinets. Another option is the box cabinet. When you rely heavily on your colors for brand recognition, the box cabinet can be a good choice. By the way, did you know that you do not have to stick with the customary rectangular design? Our shop can customize the presentation to mimic your logo or a niche-specific shape.
  • Pylons. These signs stand tall and help motorists find your location with ease. They combine with your building sign for the best results.

How to Order Custom Lighted Building Lettering in Yorba Linda, CA

Building Signs for Real Estate Companies in Yorba Linda CA

Are you ready to ensure the complete visibility of your location? Our team can help. Whether you need channel letters or a box cabinet, we can assist. Most importantly, we can also save you money by refurbishing existing signage products that are still in good shape. We gladly visit your location for a site survey that will make it easy to decide.

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