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Eye-Catching Building Signs and Lettering for Businesses in Buena Park, CA!

 Nov 09, 2020

How does your building sign set you apart from competitors in the same niche? How do the material selection and design style accentuate your brand message? Most importantly, are you happy with your current set of building signs and lettering in Buena Park, CA?

Yes, You Can Afford a Custom Building Sign for Your Business

Building Signs and Lettering in Buena Park CA

It is a common misconception that you have to break the bank for a well-designed sign that features all your branding messages. This is not the case. Instead, various material selections allow for virtually any budget to find a signage solution.

Sign Letters for Buildings

A case in point is acrylic. Our team produces a wide variety of 3D acrylic lettering setups in and around the area. Acrylic building lettering distinguishes itself by the versatility of the material as well as the matte or glossy finishes that give the material its pizzazz. Another excellent option is metal. At this time, many business clients request brushed aluminum, but you do not have to limit yourself. Copper, brass, and stainless steel are other choices.

Acrylic Letter Building Signs

However, what happens when you need a value option? No problem! PVC is a good alternative for acrylic. Moreover, foam letters are an inexpensive way of getting exceptional thickness – up to two inches – and large sizes. By the way, many clients have had excellent success with attaching metal or acrylic faces to the foam, which gives the impression that the letter is made from the more expensive material.

Installation Choices for Building Signs and Lettering in Buena Park, CA

3D Letter Signs

Because acrylic and metal may be up to an inch thick, the makeup of your façade dictates the installation options for your three-dimensional building letters. Typically, we can offer flush and stud mounts suitable for brick walls, stucco, and anything in between. Foam letters require a flush mount method.

Full Customization Puts You in Control of Your Company’s Brand Message

Foam Letter Building Signs

Our technicians fabricate your letters in-house. We paint the various style elements in your custom logo colors. If you have gradient color changes, we recommend the use of an imprinted vinyl overlay. We can also accommodate the need for partial material changes such as installing metal faces over acrylic. That’s why we think we are experts at building signs and lettering in Buena Park, CA!

Yes, Superior Signs and Graphics Can Handle the Project Management and Permitting

3D Building Lettering

One of the most significant obstacles first-time business owners worry about is the permitting process. Buena Park’s city hall has strict requirements before granting any company a permit before installing a 3D building sign. We can handle this aspect of the project as well as any other project management requirements.

Building Letters in Los Angeles CA

We can also work with you on the design of building signs and lettering in Buena Park, CA if you do not have any specs on hand yet. Design services are available in-house, which means that we can assist you with all aspects of signage, logo, and lettering creation. Because we operate with a fully stocked inventory, we can ensure quick turnarounds of your order. Once we are finished with the design and fabrication of your signage, our licensed installers handle the pieces’ mounting.

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