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PVC Building Letter Signs for Chino Manufacturer are a Great Value!

 Jun 15, 2020

Ferco Color is one of the most influential names in the field of colorants. In addition to standard products, the firm also offers a broad range of polymers and compounds. When the company needed budget-friendly signs for two of its buildings, the management team contacted our sign shop for assistance on PVC building letter signs in Chino CA.

Designing, Fabricating and Installing PVC Building Letter Signs

3D Building Letters in Chino CA

The company does business at 5498 Vine Street, which is a light industrial park. There, it operates two buildings that are right around the corner from each other. The management team envisioned the demarcation of “Building #1” and “Building #2” in addition to the company’s name.

PVC Building Letter Signs in Chino CA

Our technicians put together budget-friendly building letters that we cut from half-inch-thick PVC. Because it is less expensive than acrylic, it was an excellent choice. Besides, from a distance, both materials look virtually identical. We painted the 3D lettering in a custom red color and installed the two PVC building letter signs in Chino CA with the help of our bucket van.

Becoming Highly Visible with the Help of Signage

Building Letters Installation in Chino CA

Ferco Color is an excellent example of the importance that building signage plays. The PVC allows for the creation of a 3D display, which is much more visible than a standard 2D painted-on lettering setup. Moreover, the red color is a good option for standing out from the light colors of the façade.

Building Sign Installation in Chino CA

Consumers routinely point out that adequate wayfinding signage is a critical aspect of making a buying decision. Shoppers do not like having to search for a business. Similarly, drivers do not feel comfortable with having to turn around or drive several blocks to accommodate the Southland’s one-way-streets.

Building signage is a premier example of a product that makes your company highly visible to new and current customers alike.

Signage Material Options

Building Sign Installation in Chino CA


You could take a page from the playbook of Ferco Color, and choose PVC. It is a budget-friendly material that we can customize with respect to color. Moreover, it allows for a three-dimensional display that looks great on the façade of virtually any building.

That said, PVC is not your only option. Another cost-effective choice is sign foam. This material enables the fabrication of letters up to three inches deep. Moreover, it comes in different weights, which can accommodate short and long-term lease needs.

Another material option is metal. Select aluminum, steel, brass, or bronze. Choose from cast or cut metal to amplify your brand message further.

Discussing Your Signage Needs with Experts in the Field of Design

If you’re wondering what types of PVC building letter signs for Chino CA firms are currently the best-selling selections? Are you wondering whether it would make more sense to stand out from the crowd with something radically different? Our graphic artist can answer all of these questions – and more.

When you set up a design appointment, you draw on the collective know-how of an expert staff that is second to none in the signage industry. We can show you how your sign would look in a number of different sizes and setups. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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