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Total LED Promotes with Building Signs and Wall Graphics in Buena Park CA

 Apr 09, 2014
Exterior building signs Buena Park CA

Great signage helps your business stand out!

Effective signage is a one-two punch. Exterior building signs Buena Park, CA, consumers see should be followed up with an interior marker setup that complements the message. Total LED Solutions is the kind of business that recognizes the importance of this arrangement. Moreover, the company has discovered that interior signage is a premier branding vehicle for any business. When Total LED Solutions decided to get markers done for a new location in a business park complex, the company contacted Superior Signs and Graphics.

We visited with the company’s management and learned more about their needs. Located in Suite H at 8475 Artesia Boulevard in Buena Park, the company is in the business of making LED displays and supplying LED parts to manufacturers. A new division – Total Energy Solutions – highlights the energy-saving aspects of LED lighting for the residential and commercial market. In the past, we had worked with the company to create trade show displays. It only made sense that we would work together again.

Business complex signs Buena Park CA

Sister company also stands out with new signage!

At this time, we have created two building signs for the business – one of each division logo – and we also designed and manufactured a vinyl wall graphic for the office lobby’s wall. It is a landscape that underscores the “green” business concept. Adding the company logo to the graphic effectively brands Total LED Solutions and helps customers to connect the environmentally friendly aspects of LED lighting with the company’s name.

When you are ready to use your own effective lobby wall graphics in Buena Park, CA, consider your business’s unique needs.

Wall graphics and murals Buena Park CA

Wall graphics also boost their brand!

  • Products. What do you manufacture? Is it possible to tie in your current or upcoming product lines with popular themes such as environmentalism and fiscal responsibility? It is always wise to choose a lobby wall graphic with this kind of underlying message in mind.
  • Solutions. In some scenarios, it us advantageous to present a problem in one graphic and position your company as the solution in the next. Think of it as a before-and-after picture. Hung on either side of a reception desk with the lobby sign in the middle, you have the opportunity to position your company as a thought leader in your niche. Branding may be done with the help of the lobby sign or with the addition of logos placed on the artwork.
  • Colors and size. How much space do you have to work with? While you do not want to overwhelm the size of your lobby space with an overly large or boldly colored wall graphic, you do want to take advantage of the available wall space. Minimize the use of furniture and other decorative touches to make your branded graphic the focal point of your lobby. This is of particular importance when you are working with a small space.

The choice of your interior wall graphics is an important one. When you add the notion that the interior marker must harmonize with the exterior signage, it can get a bit overwhelming. We can help! When you work with our friendly graphic artists, we can put together a harmonizing package of signage solutions that advertise, brand and support name awareness. You are a click away from making your business amazing!

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