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Glacier Designs Orders Up Custom Wall Art in Huntington Beach CA!

 Apr 06, 2014
Custom Wall Art and Prints for Orange County

Turn your products into appealing wall art!

Located at 5985 Engineer Drive in picturesque Huntington Beach, Glacier Design Systems is a leader in innovative draught beer equipment. Whether you need beer pumps, draft beer towers or a portable beer system, this company is the go-to provider for all these – and more – products. When it came time to think of a way to combine their innovative designs with some attractive conference room artwork, Glacier Designs contacted Superior Signs and Graphics.

We worked with the company to identify some of the most popular products in their inventory. We then created high-resolution prints of their work as wall art for the conference room. These prints are astonishingly crisp and attractive, which turns them into great works of art. At the same time, they feature the company’s products, which makes the prints ideal branding and marketing tools.

High Resolution Posters and Wall Art Orange County

Wall art and prints are great for all industries!

High-resolution prints for Huntington Beach, CA, business conference rooms are just the start. Imagine having industry-specific artwork for your meeting areas or conference rooms! Whether you run a school, are in charge of the artwork for your faith community, own a company or provide services to the community at large, conference room wall art Orange County customers will appreciate seeing should include some aspect of your business.

What Makes Your Company Tick?

What is it that sets you apart from the competition? What is your most popular product or service? What generates the greatest social media buzz?

  • Raw materials. Plenty of restaurants capitalize on their customers’ desire for freshness. Not surprisingly, they frequently turn photos of produce or grains into interesting and fitting wall art for their eateries.
  • Colorful products. If the inside of your lobby is monochromatic, you can add amazing splashes of color by hanging full-color artwork of your products. Even a computer motherboard explodes in colors when compared to a lobby that is more or less a study in grays and whites.
  • Intricate designs. There is raw beauty in the framework of a skyscraper. The same is true for a number of products. Capturing them on film and then turning them into high-resolution artwork makes for attractive prints you can hang in the office or send out to clients.
Wall graphics Orange County

Or, ask us about wall graphics!

Artwork that Markets Your Company

Everything you invite into your lobby, office or storefront should market your business and brand your products. This is true whether it is the artwork, the signage or the setup of your furniture. Be mindful of the many opportunities that you have to make an impact! For example, prints that highlight your company’s history are ideal for hanging in hallways and areas where visitors and employees see them. Educating everyone about your company is a great way to get the buy-in of the community.

Choose attractive product photos that also feature your logo or the typeface of your business’s name. Be careful to choose the colors associated with your logo whenever choosing the objects for your art. After all, you want to market on a number of levels, and the visual impact of the company colors is powerful indeed.

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