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Etched and Frosted Glass Graphics Give an Elegant, Sandblasted Look to Offices in Orange County, CA!

 Apr 17, 2023

An elegant and professional atmosphere must define the office space in today’s business environment. Our clients have found that etched and frosted glass graphics in Orange County, CA, are excellent tools for achieving this goal. This combination of the vinyl treatment gives a glass surface a stylish, sandblasted look.

frosted glass graphics in orange county, ca

Case Study: Allies Tax & Accounting

This client had large glass walls in her office. They enclosed a meeting room on two sides. Not surprisingly, this setup was challenging for an accounting office where privacy is necessary. Sandblasted look glass graphics are an ideal compromise. They maintain the ambiance of open space while providing some privacy. We spelled out the company’s name for this location and added a logo depiction.

etched glass graphics in orange county, ca

What are Etched and Frosted Glass Graphics?

Our technicians create the illusion of putting together a factory-treated glass with a sandblasted presentation by applying a special film to the surface of the glass. We can make this film available in various designs and patterns, including geometric shapes, natural elements, and custom logos. Once applied, the vinyl creates a frosted or etched appearance on the glass, which gives it a unique and high-end look.

One of the main advantages of etched and frosted glass graphics is their versatility. You can use the product in a variety of settings and applications, from conference rooms and lobbies to individual offices and workstations. In addition, we can customize them to suit a business’s specific needs and branding. For example, a company logo can be incorporated into the design to reinforce the brand identity.

Another advantage of etched and frosted glass graphics is their functionality. The products provide privacy without sacrificing natural light, essential in many office settings. The frosted or etched film diffuses light, which helps to reduce glare and create a more comfortable working environment. It is advantageous in spaces with limited natural light, such as interior conference rooms or areas with few windows.

sandblasted look glass graphics for offices in orange county, ca

Practical Application of Treated Glass Surfaces

Etched and frosted glass graphics also have several practical benefits. It is easy to clean and maintain them; similarly, we can remove and replace them if necessary. Therefore, businesses can update their graphics without replacing the entire glass surface. In addition, the film provides an extra layer of protection for the glass, which prevents scratches and other damage.

Do You Need Etched and Frosted Glass Graphics in Orange County, CA?

Etched and frosted glass graphics are an excellent way to give offices an elegant and professional look. With their combination of style and functionality, these products are a smart choice for any business looking to create an elegant and professional atmosphere in their office. We can help you design your next graphics package or work from sketches you have already prepared. Call us today to request a free quote!

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