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EON Reality Adds Virtual Reality Wall Graphics and Murals in Irvine CA!

 Dec 20, 2019

EON Reality specializes in virtual reality systems for a broad range of sectors. When the company contacted our sign shop, it needed wall graphics and murals in Irvine that would set the tone for the customers’ interactions with the brand.

Three Wall Wraps with the Client’s Original Artwork

Office Wall Murals and Graphics in Irvine CA

The company’s management team already had original artwork on hand. It combines well-known poses with virtual reality aspects. Therefore, the combination of the two was the ideal presentation for the business’ space.

We worked with the company’s specs. Doing so allowed us to produce the products in-house. Next, we prepared the walls for the installation of the product. Finally, we mounted the wall wraps where they now welcome workers as well as customers who enter the space.

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