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Cal State Fullerton Gym Wall Mural and Graphics – a Tribute to the CSUF Legends!

 Dec 27, 2019

We have completed quite a few projects for Cal State Fullerton. Just recently, we finished one that features a gym wall mural and graphics in Fullerton CA. It is a huge wall wrap with a combination of dimensional letters. Take a look!

CSUF Celebrates Athletes with a Comprehensive Mural Presentation

Gym Wall Murals and Graphics in Fullerton CA

Measuring 67 feet in length, this is one of the largest wall murals we ever completed. It consists of 3M cast vinyl with an attractive matte laminate. Look closely, and you will notice that there is quite a bit of large lettering on the wrap that features a 3D appearance. It consists of acrylic with a high-gloss finish or brushed aluminum. We produced the smaller white letters with die-cut white vinyl that we overlaid with a matte laminate.

3D Wall Graphics in Fullerton CA

These style elements succeed in making a fantastic impression for this gym wall mural and graphics in Fullerton CA. They now depict mentions of national championships going back to 1970. However, this would not be the end of the 3D wall setup.

3D Wall Lettering on Wall Mural in Fullerton CA

Next, our technicians replicated the NCAA trophy. It consists of half-inch-thick acrylic that we finished with a wood grain decal overlay. We added three-dimensional lettering and polished gold metal accents. Finally, we mounted the replica with spacers. This wall is now a compelling tribute to the school’s winning athletic teams.

Transforming a Blank Wall into a Celebration of Achievement

Athletics Wall Murals for Schools in Orange County CA

Almost every office, store, hospital, and school has that one wall. You know the one. It is a large wall surface that is too big for artwork but not necessary for the display of products. Therefore, you try to make the best of it.

Wall Graphics and 3D Lettering in Orange County CA

However, with murals and graphics, you have the opportunity to change the use of the surface. It can now feature your top performers, movers and shakers within the organization, or founding staff members. In this way, the wall becomes an active expression of your branding. Therefore, it encourages further engagement of the consumer with your brand.

Ordering Store, Office, or Gym Wall Murals and Graphics in Fullerton, CA

Custom Wall Graphics in Fullerton CA

You can have this type of wall at your venue. It is easy to transform an unused wall into a hallmark of your brand and recognition of those who are your brand ambassadors. If you already have an idea for how you want to achieve this feat, our sign shop can assist you with the production and installation of the product.

When you still need assistance with the design of the concept, we can help you with that, too. Our graphic artist routinely works with clients who want to produce a targeted layout that persuades the consumer to step closer and take a look. They are asking for displays that reveal more about their branding and mission.

In short, we can assist you with the presentation of a message that encapsulates all you represent. We can mix and match vinyl graphics with three-dimensional lettering. Moreover, our team will gladly create supporting signage that points the consumer in the direction of your mural or provides a back story.

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