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Beautifully Etched and Frosted Glass Graphics for Offices in Irvine!

 Jan 07, 2020

Inservio serves the legal field. For example, this company provides deposition rooms that enable attorneys to conduct trial preparation. Just recently, the venue added on to its building, which resulted in the development of two conference rooms with glass walls and ten deposition rooms with glass windows next to the doors. Once the addition was completed, the firm contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, development, and installation of etched and frosted glass graphics in Irvine CA.

Glass Graphics Boost Privacy and Minimize Distractions

etched and frosted glass graphics in Irvine CA

It is easy for people in highly-charged emotional settings to get distracted by others passing by their meeting rooms. This is particularly true when there are glass windows that diminish the feeling of privacy. Therefore, our sign shop routinely works with office operators who want to add privacy back to the mix.

That said, the construction using metal and glass is tremendously popular. It allows light to flow through the space, which creates an attractive look and feel of the area. Etched and frosted vinyl glass treatments are the best solution. They obscure the view inside the locale while still allowing the light to infuse the setting.

Frosted Glass Graphics in Irvine CA

We worked with the client to create designs that are suitable for the overall ambiance of the location. For all of the glass surfaces, we developed frosted panels that cover the bottom third of the glass and etched stripes that take up the middle third. Moreover, we designed frosted and etched displays of the room numbers, which assist visitors to the location with wayfinding. Now, it is convenient for first-time users of the meeting rooms to find their ways around while feeling comfortable in the setting.

How to Order Etched and Frosted Glass Graphics for Offices in Irvine, CA

Frosted Office Glass Graphics in Irvine CA

Frosted office glass is an excellent solution to your privacy needs in today’s contemporary office setting. Of course, you have plenty of options open to you.

  • Colors. The majority of clients prefers the light gray color that is almost the standard for frosted vinyl. It makes your glass surfaces look as though you had the material professionally frosted at the factory. However, you achieved this look with the hard-to-detect vinyl that only requires a fraction of the treatment cost. You might also opt for colorful frosted vinyl in a wide variety of hues.
  • Imprints. In addition to – or instead of – etching the vinyl, we can also imprint the frosted material with corporate branding messages or other details. Some business owners have requested that we mark the vinyl with colorful renditions of their corporate personas. Doing so is an excellent option for glass panels that face the outside of the venue.
  • Etchings. Many clients ask us to etch designs out of their frosted panels. Stripes are conventional designs that are pleasing to the eye and perfectly accentuate most spaces. In addition, you might select other presentations that are more brand-centric to your company. Any geometric shape or logo-specific design could be a good choice.

Frosted Glass for Offices in Irvine CA

If you are unsure how to structure the look of your etched and frosted glass graphics, entrust your project to our team. Our graphic artist can show you how different designs can radically change the appearance of your setting. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment!

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