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Do Your Auto Repair Signs Need to be Updated in Orange County?

 May 25, 2015

There are countless auto repair shops in Orange County. Some are individually owned garages while others are part of franchises and chains. Auto parts stores, dealership repair shops and mobile repair companies all vie for the consumer dollar. Remaining competitive depends in part on excellent workmanship, the ability to quickly locate needed parts and the signage that brings in new customers. How does your company’s signage stack up to that of the competition?

You have a number of options when searching for the ideal auto repair signs for Orange County, CA.


Auto repair signs for Orange County

Direct customers with wayfinding signs!

A post or pole sign makes a world of difference when your shop entrance is not clearly visible from the front. Some garages prefer a rear entrance that keeps foot traffic in the front safe. When you install an attractive post sign with an arrow, you help motorists to navigate your venue with ease. For dealerships, small signs that lead the way across the sizable property to the actual repair shop add convenience to the customer’s experience. Post and panel markers or aluminum wall signage make it possible.


Auto Dealer Monument Signs Orange County

Market using great signage!

Advertise and brand with an easily visible monument sign. It displays your logo, company name and explains the niche that you are in. Whether you focus on Chevrolet cars or fix anything that has wheels, the monument sign lets you say so.


Building Signs for Auto Repair Shops in Orange County

Brand with aluminum building signs!

Welcome customers to your auto repair shop with an aluminum wall sign that we can install right above your front door. Not only does this type of signage act as a wayfinding tool for anyone in search of the office, but it also helps to generate brand awareness by displaying your company colors, font and logo. When you add the hours of operation to this signage solution, you ensure that potential customers plan their visits when you are open or have the right mechanics on duty.


Oil change menu signs for auto shops in Orange County

Upsell with oil change signs!

The customer came in for a tire rotation. A metal garage sign suggests the purchase of an oil change. Perfectly centered and taking up the majority of the empty wall space, this type of signage product makes it possible to increase your profits simply by asking questions.


Auto dealership customer parking signs Orange County

Let customers know where to park!

Reserve parking spaces for auto repair customers. This prevents them from competing for space with tow trucks and those coming to your business to buy parts or other car-related products.


Service Menu Signs for Auto Repair Shops in Orange County

Don’t forget the service menu boards!

Spell out the different services that you offer. This is particularly important when you run a lube service that primarily focuses on oil changes. Some customers will not know that you handle transmission repairs, engine flushes and serpentine belt services as well. By spelling out the details, you have the opportunity to bring in consumers more frequently with other car issues and repairs.

Contact the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics today for your updated or new auto repair signs for Orange County, CA, and its neighboring communities. We visit your venue to take stock of the signage products you already have. From there, we suggest upgrades and the installation of those types of products that are working well for the competition.

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