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Boys & Girls Club Adds Sponsor Sign and Storyboards in Buena Park

 May 26, 2015

Loyal readers of our blog already know that the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics have a working relationship with the Boys & Girls Club of Buena Park. Located at 7758 Knott Avenue, this organization is an excellent venue for youngsters of all ages to spend the long summer months, participate in after-school programs or make good use of the various programs offered. We recently got another call to come back and create sponsor signs and storyboards.

Recognizing Sponsors and Founders Makes Sense

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As our graphic artists were finishing the entry hallway of the organization, the management team approached us to commission sponsorship signage that recognized donors at the gold, silver and bronze levels. Sponsor signs for Orange County organizations and faith communities make a lot of sense when you consider that the majority of their programs would not exist were it not for generous donors who make a financial commitment to the cause.

Recognizing these individuals is a small way of saying “thank you.” For the Boys & Girls Club, we combined images of the funded programs with the names of the donors. In addition, the management team wanted to tell the story of this organization’s history. Since the founders of this club were also the founders of Nutrilite, a company which is very involved in the organization to this day, we created a poster that displays a comprehensive record of the organization from its founding to today.

How Does Your Organization Recognize Its Contributors?

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Whether you operate a church, an animal rescue group or a different type of non-profit organization, your funding comes in large part from donations. If you run fundraisers, it is a good idea to recognize those donors who are digging into their pockets the deepest. It inspires other givers to follow suit. If you take a page from the playbook of the Boys & Girls Club, you might show what your group does with the money.

Posters are excellent methods for this purpose. Combine them with storyboards for Orange County non-profits. Of course, these are not your only options.

  • Metal plaques. Cast or etched metal plaques are excellent donor recognition tools that churches and other faith-related non-profits favor. Depending on the design, it is possible to create a center plaque and then allow for the addition of smaller donor plaques over the course of the years.
  • Window graphics. Some organizations install a glass partition in their lobbies that they then treat with edged vinyl out of which the names of donors are cut.
  • Banners. Vertical vinyl banners frequently adorn the walls of gymnasiums and sports arenas to show appreciation for donors who made the construction of the venue possible or who fund the school sports teams that compete there.

Plan Your Look Today

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Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your group. Our graphic artists look forward to presenting different sponsor or storyboard signage products to your management team or board of directors. We work with your group to highlight your programs and underscore the importance of your donors with the right signage solutions.

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