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Dimensional Letters for Monument Signs in Los Angeles, CA!

 Jun 03, 2024

When Palladium Construction needed experts to install dimensional letters for monument signs in Los Angeles, CA, they contacted Superior Signs and Graphics. 

dimensional letters for monument signs in los angeles, ca

Subcontracting on the Orange Grove Business Park Project

The client was putting the finishing touches on this new light industrial center. However, they entrusted us with a set of custom acrylic dimensional letters for the monument sign. The company had hired a mason to build the structure. We made and installed the lettering. 

Look closely, and you will notice that the client was looking for a boosted 3D display. Our installers responded by using spacers to lift the half-inch-thick acrylic letters an additional half-inch off the monument sign. The result is a set of letters that stand out and grab the eye of passersby.

Our team routinely works on lettering for new and refurbished monument signs. Many clients move into spaces that already have the structures on the property. We take off the old lettering, recycle it, repair and repaint the structure, and then add the new letters. Of course, if you are looking for something completely different, we also build monument signs from the ground up.

los angeles, ca monument sign lettering

Working in Light Industrial Settings in Various Southern California Cities

We have done a lot of work in industrial business parks in and around Los Angeles and Orange Counties. 

  • Building sign logos. In Buena Park, a client requested a dimensional letter sign made of outdoor-rated sign foam. The client needed this signage system after rebranding. We assisted not just with the design, production, and installation of the letters but also handled the permitting process.
  • Building letters. In Fullerton, a client requested custom aluminum building letters. Because the client is doing business in an industrial park with a sign program, our team had to meet the program’s specifications when making the signage. The resulting reverse pan letters with hollow back look great, fit in perfectly, and help the client’s company stand out. 
  • Huge wall murals. By the way, our team also works on the inside of industrial facilities. In Torrance, we worked with a client looking for huge wall murals to add flair to an industrial facility’s interior. 

custom acrylic dimensional letters in los angeles, ca

Work with the Sign Shop That Knows Light Industrial Properties’ Needs Inside and Out

From dimensional letters for monument signs in Los Angeles to interior signage systems in the OC, our team routinely works in industrial areas to design, produce, and install products. We work as subcontractors to builders, interior decorators and designers, and accept work directly from property owners and tenants. Find out what we can do for your property.

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