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Huge Wall Murals Project for Torrance Industrial Facility Adds Flair and Reinforces Corporate Messages!

 Oct 11, 2018

Lobby Wall Murals for Offices in Torrance CA

DNATA is an international company that provides airline support. Examples of services include cargo handling, ramp services, in-flight catering, and passenger services. Headquartered in Dubai, the US head office is situated in Florida. When DNATA received the contract for LAX and prepared to move into its new local facility, the management team determined it first needed wall murals for its Torrance CA industrial facilities.

Setting the Tone for Commercial Interactions with a Wall Graphics and Mural Package

Huge Office Wall Murals Torrance CA

Wall graphics motivate in training rooms!

Speed was of the essence. Before the company could move in the furniture, we needed to treat the walls. Could we complete a large project with a tight deadline? You bet! We collaborated with the design company that is all the way in Dubai. It provided the graphics that we would work with.

Our graphic artist adjusted them to fit the location’s setup. Next, we printed the products and arrived at the venue for installation.

Corporate Office Wall Murals Torrance CA

Add vibrant imagery!

  • Training room. We covered the training room walls with safety messages, brand details, a values statement, the company’s vision, and the mission statement. It is now ideally suited for inspiring new workers to buy into the company’s way of doing business.
  • Two-story lobby entrance. This portion of the building called for a substantial 27-foot wall wrap. The corporate persona is an integral part of this design. It includes the company’s name and logo graphics.
  • Stairway walls. Graphics run along the walls of the stairways. They connect to the lobby entrance wrap to continue the visual appeal of the overall mural presentation.
  • Main room. For the central area, our team treated all wall surfaces. Images feature airplanes, personnel, and customers. All rooms are now ready for bringing in furniture.
Stairway Wall Murals Torrance CA

Bring your stairways to life with wall murals!

The Value of Working with a Sign Shop That Puts You First

Our team is no stranger to tight deadlines, large orders, and collaboration that crosses state lines as well as international boundaries. Our investment in late-model technology ensures speed and unrivaled quality. The shop’s commitment to customer service is evident in our decision to undergo 3M vinyl wrap training and certifications.

Office Wall Murals LAX Torrance CA

Welcome clients while branding on your walls!

Moreover, the team at Superior Signs and Graphics does what it takes to fulfill our promise to the client. If this means bringing in contractors or renting specialty equipment, we have the contacts to do so. Most importantly, we take pride in making your business location look fantastic and present with a marketing and branding display that communicates everything that makes you unique.

Office Wall Murals for Offices at LAX

Ready to order your office wall murals?

If you are in the market for wall murals for Torrance industrial facilities, Los Angeles retail venues, or any other type of graphics project, we can help. Discuss your design ideas with our graphic artist. If you already have graphics on hand or work with a headquarters office that has the specs, we collaborate with the team. On the other hand, if you need help putting together a display, we gladly assist you with that, too. Call us today!

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