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Delivery Truck Vinyl Wrap for Orange Lutheran High School!

 Mar 22, 2017

Do you remember the work we did for the senior class at Orange Lutheran High School? These young adults had chosen to give their school the gift of gymnasium wall graphics. Fast forward to today, and you see another job that we did. This time, the client was the school itself. An administrator contacted us to discuss delivery truck vinyl wraps in Orange County, CA.

Replacing a Damaged Setup

Deliver Truck Wraps in Orange County CA

This truck wrap needed to be replaced!

The school operates a box truck. It uses the conveyance to pick up donated goods at the thrift store that the school runs. We took stock of the truck and noted that there was graffiti damage as well as scraping-related material tears where the vehicle encountered an overhang. The administrator requested the design, manufacture, and installation of a new wrap.

Box Truck Wraps for Delivery Vehicles in Orange County CA

Wow, what a difference a new wrap makes!

We started out by developing a product that features a vibrant color package consisting of the school’s iconic red brand color and white lettering. Gold lettering spells out the contact opportunities and tagline in a smaller font. On the back, we also presented the name and brand information. There, we highlighted contact details including a web page for the thrift shop and social media handles.

Next, we manufactured the wrap using 3M cast vinyl. This material is well known for its long-lasting properties. A semi-gloss luster laminate protects the images and colors from fading, which ensures that the product looks as good toward the end of its useful life as it does the day we installed the wrap. Before installing the panels, we removed the old vinyl and prepped the vehicle to ensure perfect adhesion. After we finished putting together the product, the box truck once again displayed the school’s information in vibrant colors and crisp graphics.

Do not let Damaged Vinyl Panels Detract from a Marketing Message!

Box Truck Wraps in Orange County CA

Even the rear of the vehicle was wrapped to perfection!

Did you know that replacing a damaged vinyl panel can be straightforward and quick? Because we keep your information on file, we can reprint the panel and install it while your driver waits. We typically do this with cars, trucks, or vans that were in accidents. After they are fixed, the businesses bring them to us to replace the wrap portions that got scraped off in a collision.

In some situations, there is also the graffiti to consider. Although we will first try to clean off the scribbles, we may have to resort to printing a partial panel if it is impossible to remove the paint. We recommend calling us for an appointment to have our technicians look at any damage. They can then give you and estimate on the cost of replacing or repairing the particular panels. In some cases, it may be less expensive to redo a portion of the wrap than to attempt a spot fix.

Do You Need Vinyl Wraps for Delivery Trucks in Orange County, CA?

Where to buy box truck wraps in Orange County CA

Ready to give your delivery box truck a face lift?

Whether you need full or partial wraps, we can help. We handle the entire project from inception to final installation. Part and parcel of this comprehensive project management approach is the removal of old graphics and the prep work associated with an installation.

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