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Orange County Sign and Graphics Company Adds Flair to Healthy Eatery!

 Mar 15, 2017

Melissa’s Greens sets the bar high with a jingle stating, “The freshest ideas in produce.” In fact, this company maintains a vibrant mail order business and supplies local retailers with exotic vegetables, fruits, organic options, and wine as well as gift items. The company was tapped to open a location at the prestigious Indian Wells guest experience extension.

Restaurant wall murals in Orange County CA

Add murals to your wall and soffit areas!

After consulting with the client, we put together restaurant wall murals in Orange County CA, for a setting with a fruit and vegetable stand vibe. The goal is to make guests enjoy the freshness and vitamin-rich fare they enjoy at the eatery. We started with a wall mural on the left side of the space. Next, we prepared a colorful graphic panel wrap for the soffit. It creates the ideal backdrop behind the counter. A die-cut carrot wall decal drives home the point of vegetable goodness. Finally, our technicians put together “Order” and “Pick up” signs that they mounted in their respective places above the counter.

Setting the Tone for the Guest Experience

Restaurant Wall Graphics in Orange County CA

Show consumers images of your menu items!

When you introduce guests to your cuisine in a small space, you do not have a lot of opportunities to develop a theme idea. Our clients understand that every square inch of space either pulls its weight or creates a missed branding opportunity. Wall graphics, murals, floor stickers, and similar products are the answer.

Vinyl Wall Lettering for Restaurants in Orange County CA

Add vinyl wall lettering for double the branding power!

  • Dress up counters. If you have an order counter, cashier’s desk, bar, or even a hostess’ stand, you have a vertical surface that is ideally suited for the presentation of advertisements. Choose it to display images of dishes or to create ambiance with location-specific photos.
  • Treat the floors. Floor graphics work well on all types of substrate. They let you place footprints leading to the counter, spell out enticing “buy me” messages, or highlight specific products. These stickers also have the power to offer an excellent canvas for your brand presentation.
  • Turn a backsplash into a brand message. Take a page from the playbook of Melissa’s Greens, and use the backsplash to whet guests’ appetites for more. They take in images of the products they are about to enjoy or have time to consider pairing their purchases with dessert options. The right set of color displays further underscores the message you want to send about your food. Doing so is especially important when dealing with produce, confections, and drinks.
  • Put guests in the mood with the written word. Spelling out some of the products you carry, ingredients you use, and stand-alone items they can purchase has the potential of encouraging an impulse buy. By placing this information near the order counter, customers have the opportunity to make a selection inspired by the information right away.

Buy Wall Murals for Restaurants in Orange County, CA

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Ready to put pizzazz in your restaurant?

What could a new set of graphics or full wall murals do for your location? If you are rebranding, the products have the power to change the ambiance of your locale overnight. When you want to add some contemporary flair or freshen your brand appeal, these products do not disappoint.

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