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Custom Wall and Window Graphics Decorate and Inspire Commercial Spaces in Santa Ana, CA!

 Jul 03, 2023

We have done several projects for the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana since 2019. Examples include wall graphics and murals, as well as donor wall signage. Since then, we have done additional projects for the parent organization – the Central Orange Coast’s Boys & Girls Clubs. After leasing a new facility, the client invited us to make a set of targeted wall and window graphics in Santa Ana, CA.

wall graphics and stripes in santa ana, ca

Transforming a Shopping Center Storefront into an Inspiring Teen Club with Custom-Designed Window and Wall Graphics and Stripes

This venue would serve the older teens who are frequently considering their college future. We did some vinyl wall stripes and wall lettering to add interest to the interior decor. Additionally, we wrapped all front window and door glass surfaces with perforated vinyl graphics that show a number of university logos to inspire students to achieve their dreams of a college education. Moreover, seeing so many college names and logos side by side helps teens know they have many choices to find the school that will be their perfect fit. 

See through window graphics in santa ana, ca

Why Do More Companies Now Use Perforated Window Graphics for Their Storefronts?

See-through window graphics are now growing in popularity. For starters, they effectively showcase a company’s brand, logo, and marketing messages on their storefronts. Our printed perforated graphics rival the clarity of printed solid vinyl. They allow businesses to display visually appealing graphics that capture the attention of passersby and create a memorable impression. By utilizing the window space, companies can effectively promote their products, services, or special offers to potential customers.

At the same time, perforated window graphics allow businesses to maintain privacy while letting natural light enter the premises. These graphics have micro-punctures that create a one-way visibility effect. The pictures appear vibrant and visually appealing from the outside, but from the inside, occupants can see through the punctures and maintain a clear view of the outside. This feature particularly benefits companies wanting to create a private atmosphere while having an attractive storefront.

custom designed wall graphics and stripes in santa ana, ca

Taking Advantage of the Unique Quality That Perforations Bring to the Place

Concurrently, perforated vinyl contributes to energy efficiency by reducing the amount of sunlight and heat entering the building. The graphics’ micro-punctures block a significant portion of the sun’s UV rays and reduce glare, which results in a more comfortable indoor environment. This can lead to energy savings by reducing the need for excessive air conditioning and improving overall temperature control.

We have already addressed that wall and window graphics in Santa Ana, CA, transform the storefront’s appearance and make it more visually appealing. They turn plain glass surfaces into eye-catching displays that reflect the personality and style of the company. The graphics are customized to match the overall branding and design theme, creating a cohesive and attractive storefront that stands out among competitors.

Perforated window graphics in santa ana, ca

Do you have some window or wall surfaces that have not yet been treated with vinyl? Consider how these budget-friendly graphics would change the look and feel of the location. Call us today to discuss your plans!


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