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Custom “See Through” Window Graphics for HairArt Orange County Draw Attention and Display Their Work!

 Oct 16, 2017

Have you driven by HairArt at 4630 Van Nuys Boulevard in Sherman Oaks? We mentioned it recently when we talked about the HairArt location in Los Angeles. This venue exemplifies how marketing with see-through window graphics makes a considerable difference in the way consumers interact with your brand.

Window Graphics Advertise in Areas Where Other Marketing Products Do Not Work

Perforated See-Through Vinyl Window Graphics | Orange County CA

Window graphics you can see through!

Because the building has a black facade, the hand-painted mural with its orchid and teal hues makes it stand out. But the windows were difficult for the client to deal with. They did not serve as display areas and were too high up to provide informational value with lettering. The right answer to the dilemma was a set of window graphics.

These window graphics fit the glass completely. Perforations allow light to penetrate and enter the storefront. The colorful images display examples of the company’s products. They are model images that give prospective clients an idea of what the hair art could do for them. Displays of this kind are ideally suited for windows that are not used for product showcases but also do not allow the consumer to look inside.

Add Attention-Grabbing Ad Materials to a Storefront or Office

Perforated See Through Vinyl Window Graphics

These window graphics blend well with the wall mural!

Even if your façade does not have a highly visible mural that makes it stand out, the see-through window graphics will get the attention of passersby and motorists. They add an air of professionalism to a locale. In some cases, they let you feature enticing images of products or services without having to sacrifice window space for elaborate and changing displays. This practice is particularly useful for business clients whose windows do not have the setup for product tables.

Do Not Sacrifice Sunlight

Perforated vinyl allows sunlight to come in. You and your customers can still see outside. Because space is so limited in many storefront settings, sacrificing the light and vistas would make the office or store feel claustrophobic. With perforated vinyl, you do not have to worry about that. This commercial application makes marketing and branding with plastic sales posters possible even for smaller venues.

See-through Vinyl Window Graphics | Orange County CA

Are you looking for see-through vinyl window graphics?

We recommend colorful renditions of your products. When working with perforated vinyl, bright colors work better than darker tones. That said, you can see from our client’s images that it is entirely possible to render brown and black tones with ease and not sacrifice vibrancy. We measure to custom-fit the product to the sizes of your windows, which gives you edge-to-edge coverage. Because of this manufacturing detail, the window graphics seamlessly integrate with the façade and create a visually compelling look.

Buy See-Through Window Graphics in Orange County

If we have inspired you to give your tired old windows a new lease on life, contact our graphic artists. We help you to put together a colorful presentation with perforated vinyl that is sure to get attention. Our experts can make the material stand out or blend in with the colors you already have on the facade – it is up to you. Call us today to get started on your project!

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