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A Buyer’s Guide for Custom Window Graphics in Orange County

 Sep 26, 2017

Is your company already taking advantage of custom window graphics in Orange County? These products are versatile, fully customizable, and budget-friendly. Better still, they are suitable for any kind of business. Here is what you need to know about this product solution today.

Perforated or Non-Perforated?

Perforated Window Graphics | Orange County CA

Perforated window graphics!

Perforated vinyl is something that clients with vehicle graphics frequently already know. We use the material to cover their rear windows, which allow the drivers to see outside. The vinyl still displays a marketing message for the consumer who sees the car on the road. We can do the same for a window graphic or wrap. You can still see outside from the interior of your store or office. But those on the outside cannot see in.

This quality makes perforated vinyl an excellent solution for the medical office that seeks to protect the privacy of patients. Our technicians work with 50/50 and 65/35 perforation. (These numbers refer to the sizing of the holes as well as the quantity of solid versus cut-out portions.)

Guide to Window Graphics Orange County CA

We offer many types of window graphics!

Non-perforated window graphics or wraps obstruct the view out as well as in. In some cases, store owners and other commercial clients do not care whether they can see outside. Frequently, this is the case when a store’s overall makeup has changed, and there are now obstructions such as shelves or partial walls in front of windows.

Die-Cut or Etched and Frosted Window Graphics

Die-cut window graphics are excellent for lettering, numerals, and images that you want to repeat a number of times on your glass panes. Examples might include seasonal graphics as well as hours of operation or contact details. This product solution is also cost-effective for quick visual presentations that you want to see installed at your venue ahead of the competition. It is a low-cost option that appeals to entrepreneurs and new start-ups, too.

Frosted and Etched Window Graphics Orange County CA

Frosted and etched window graphics!

Etched and frosted window graphics are something you might see inside offices as well as on the exterior glass panels. The material imitates the look of a factory etching for the glass. By cutting out the name of your business or its logo, you allow for a sophisticated presentation of your corporate information. Many clients opt for partial pane treatments that leave stripes on the top and bottom untreated. This practice further heightens the great looks of the display.

Buy Custom Window Graphics in Orange County Today

Find out more about the ways that this signage solution can revolutionize the way you do business and communicate with prospective customers. Our experts routinely work with company owners just like you who are ready to leverage the size and display powers of their windows for advertising and branding purposes.

We not only design these products, but we also manufacture and install window graphics for all types of venues. Because our experts are 3M preferred installers, you know that we handle the prep work and mounting the right way. This process ensures that your graphics last for a long time and provide you with the function you envision for the window surfaces.

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