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Custom Lobby Signs in Anaheim CA That Brand Your Office Space!

 Jan 27, 2020

How do you infuse your lobby with a brand-centric message? When you add the right custom lobby signs in Anaheim CA offices, storefronts, and clinics, it is possible to do so. Most importantly, this signage solution has the power to impress the consumer and reinforce your marketing approach. Here is how it works.

Choose a Design Setup that Suits Your Venue

Custom Lobby Signs in Anaheim CA

There are typically two options. The first one involves the display of a logo board with lettering. These may be dimensional letters or imprinted ones. The second choice is a set of dimensional letters without the board. Both displays are suitable. However, we have found that companies with large wall spaces prefer the display of individual letters.

Select the Right Material for the Project

Acrylic Lobby Signs

The material you choose is just as important as the sign’s sizing or the display method. There are typically several options that most local business owners favor.

  • Brushed aluminum letters. If you determine that dimensional letters are the right choice, consider that many business owners opt for brushed aluminum. It is suitable for installation near a light source. Besides that, the brushed finish looks elegant and adds plenty of sophistication to your locale. Metal appeals to clients in the financial sector as well as in the legal field.
  • Acrylic. The perfect choice for a logo board or dimensional letters, acrylic is typically a colorless material that mimics glass. Our technicians can cut the letters from it, route it, or use it as a backdrop for other design choices. Many business clients also had excellent success with branded vinyl overlays.
  • PVC. This plastic material works well in a wide variety of signage applications. We typically recommend it for dimensional letters. Much like acrylic, we can paint it in any color you like.
  • Gatorfoam with laminated facings. Stand-alone sign foam is a good choice when you want to add depth to the display in your lobby. Typically, we use this material for dimensional letters that may measure up to three inches in depth. Technicians then paint it in your brand tones. However, this is not the only option. We can also fabricate metal or acrylic facings that we use to overlay the material. It gives the illusion that your sign is made from the material through and through, while you save money.

Determine the Best Installation Method

Wall Logo Signs

When considering lobby signs in Anaheim CA, an acrylic panel with wall standoffs is an excellent way of displaying your new lobby sign. It looks chic and adds style to the wall. However, standoffs are not the only option. Some clients prefer that we mount the lettering flush to the wall; others ask for spacers. Airplane cables are a new way of mounting signage that is quickly finding more fans. It allows us to install a panel away from a wall, which can be a good option depending on your interior décor.

Discuss Your Ideas for Custom Lobby Signs in Anaheim CA

3D Letter Signs in Anaheim CA

Customization is the key to a successful signage presentation. Therefore, we encourage our clients to come to us with their ideas. You do not need to have the complete specs on hand to benefit from the assistance of our graphic artist. Rather, collaborating with our experts to see how your brand expression will take physical shape. Call today!

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