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Small Business Startup in Fullerton Benefits from Interior and Exterior Signs & Graphics!

 Jan 22, 2020

About a year ago, we handled a unique vehicle wrap of a Cadillac Escalade. Recently, we heard back from this customer. She, and her daughter, had started a new business involving quilts. After renting a small industrial space, TLC & More needed interior and exterior signs and graphics in Fullerton CA.

Infusing Signage Designs with a Brand Look and Feel

Interior and Exterior Signs and Graphics in Fullerton CA

We met with the client to determine the types of products the new business needed. Because it involves quilting, it would be vital for vibrant colors to be part of the package. In fact, the client visited us and brought us fabrics that she wanted us to transform into perforated window graphics. Could we do it? Of course!

Our graphic designer scanned the fabrics and adapted the images for use as vinyl window graphics. Next, we printed them to fit the proportions of the windows as well as the display case. A building sign identifies the company by name and echoes some of the brand colors we used. Now, passersby are drawn to the colorful displays on the business’ windows.

Enticing the Consumer to Make an Impulse Stop

Custom Wall Graphics in Fullerton CA

Small businesses, in particular, work hard to court the impulse customer. This is the shopper who stops in on a whim. Excellent signage is one way of generating interest among passersby. You might take a page from the playbook of TLC & More, and focus your attention on window wraps.

These perforated glass covers display vibrant colors and stunning details. Moreover, they underscore what business you are in. At the same time, the perforation allows the sunlight to enter your locale. Therefore, you benefit from the natural light that streams inside. It contributes to a welcoming feel of the storefront or office.

That said, window wraps are not the only option you have.

Custom Printed Wallpaper in Fullerton CA

  • Vinyl graphics. These graphics may feature images that are unique to your niche, brand, or product line. They can be colorful or white. Besides that, they can combine geometric shapes with stark color contrasts to generate more interest. Some boutiques have had excellent success with obstructing the view inside their stores by leaving only narrow patches open for the consumer to see through. To make out the full extent of the collection, you have to come in.
  • Translucent vinyl wraps. See-through vinyl wraps follow this same philosophy. However, they take advantage of custom colors that highlight the mood you are trying to set. Aqua tones are ideal for beach cities and areas within walking distance of the ocean.
  • Stand-alone signage. Some business clients have combined their building sign and window graphics with independent signs that slow down the foot traffic in front of their storefronts. Examples include flags, menu boards, banner stands, and A-frames. Complete customization makes it possible to begin a brand conversation outside that you then encourage the consumer to participate in while stepping inside.

Is It Time to Order Interior and Exterior Signs and Graphics in Fullerton, CA?

Perforated Window Graphics in Fullerton CA

Do you have a fabric that you love? Maybe you have a swatch of a color that is a must-have. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to make your retail business more colorful? We can accommodate your color requirements and texture preferences. Visit with our graphic artist today to see how we can design signage to encapsulate your brand message! 

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