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Custom Lobby Logo Signs for Offices in Irvine, CA!

 Dec 21, 2021

NTERSOL is a returning client. The last time we worked with the client, we developed a 3D brushed aluminum face lobby logo sign for the company. The business liked the product so much that they asked us to do a similar one of these custom lobby logo signs for offices in Irvine, CA.

Acrylic and Brushed Metal Combine for a Stylish Lobby Sign

Lobby logo signs for offices in Irvine CA

Because we already had the specs on hand, our technicians were able to move straight to the fabrication phase of the project. We started with half-inch-thick acrylic that we used to flat-cut the letters. Next, we painted the style elements in the firm’s brand-centric orange color.

Some pieces then received brushed metal facings. The final touch was to paint the letters’ sides in a silver tone. The finished product gives the illusion that the sign is made of solid aluminum, even though the client got this product at half the cost.

Exploring Your Choices When Buying 3D Acrylic Letters

Logo Signs for conference rooms

Acrylic is a popular material for three-dimensional letters. It is versatile, looks chic, and lets us customize the look to uniquely yours. For example, for this project, we cut half-inch-thick letters. You might prefer something that is only a quarter-inch thick or, conversely, one inch in depth.

Moreover, you may not want metal laminates for your letters. When we paint them from behind, the fronts remain polished, which creates a stylish look that is ideal for boutiques, jewelry stores, and software companies. Another design option is the application of imprinted vinyl overlays that let you feature gradient color changes.  

Other Materials to Consider for Lobby Signs

Brushed Metal Reception Area Signs

If you are not sure that acrylic is suitable for your brand, consider metal. It appeals to the customer who is looking for longevity in a company. Not surprisingly, metal is a popular choice for attorneys, financial institutions, and accountants. Aluminum is always a good option; however, you might also consider brass, stainless steel, or copper.

Typical designs call for flat-cut letters. If you prefer rounded fronts or prismatic faces, we recommend using manufactured metal. As you have already seen, we can disguise another substrate with thin metal veneers to give the illusion that the sign is made from the more expensive material through and through.

When depth is of great significance for your brand message, there is Gatorfoam. It is a sturdy material that is excellent for indoor use. Our technicians can cut out letters with depths of up to three inches. Moreover, we can paint the material, apply imprinted vinyl facings, or apply acrylic or metal laminates. When you aim your office’s light sources just right, you can create a stunning look in the lobby.

Buy Custom Lobby Logo Signs for Offices in Irvine, CA!

Custom reception area signs in Irvine CA

Which signage product is right for you? When you like the idea of installing dimensional letters in your lobby, conference room, or another area in your business, we can help. If you already have specs, we will follow them, which creates an identical brand presence across multiple locations. Call us today to schedule your next project!

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