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Brushed Aluminum 3D Lobby Logo Signs for Offices in Newport Beach!

 Jan 20, 2020

Located in Suite 200 at 3753 Howard Hughes Parkway in Las Vegas, Sam & Ash does what’s right for the firm’s personal injury clients. When they opened a new branch locally, the management team contacted our sign shop to order brushed aluminum 3D lobby logo signs in Newport Beach.

Brushed Aluminum Style Elements Infuse the Office Space with Pizzazz and a Brand-Centric Message

Brushed Aluminum Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

Metal carries a strong brand message. It signals that a firm has been in its chosen niche for a long time. Moreover, it showcases the company’s commitment to remain at its location for a long time to come. Not surprisingly, brushed metal is a favorite of law firms, accountants, and others building on the public’s trust.

For Sam & Ash, we imitated the design that visitors to the firm’s website see immediately. Moreover, we added the tagline, which is an integral aspect of the brand message. Finally, our technicians also identified the law firm as a Nevada company. Doing so is instrumental in promoting the firm’s introduction to the California business community.

How to Design a Lobby Sign for Maximum Impact

brushed aluminum 3D lobby logo signs in Newport Beach

The lobby sign should engage the consumer. It should communicate your brand message. Moreover, it should entice the customers to do business with you. A lot of information passes to those in your reception area. Therefore, it makes sense to spend a bit of time on the design of the ideal lobby sign.

  • Material. Brushed aluminum is lightweight and looks fantastic. It will not reflect the light, which makes it ideal when you have illumination shining directly on the sign. Another option is acrylic. Opt for a matte or high-gloss finish. We can paint it in any color of the rainbow. Other material choices include sign foam, PVC, and plastic.
  • Size. The sizing of the sign depends on the wall that you want to display it on. Although bigger is better, the size should not overtake other signs or the aesthetics of the space. We recommend inviting our team to come out for a site survey, which allows us to take measurements for the best results.
  • Installation method. For this law firm, we mounted the sign’s style elements flush to the wall. It looks chic. Another option is the installation with standoffs. Doing so adds more opportunity for introducing brand colors as well as shapes. Recently, there has been a movement toward the installation of signage with airplane cables. It is a contemporary style that works very well with a logo board.

Do You Need Brushed Aluminum 3D Lobby Logo Signs in Newport Beach, CA?

Lobby Signs for Law Firms in Newport Beach CA

It is essential to work with a sign shop that focuses on the brand message you want to deliver to the consumer. It must inform each aspect of the sign’s design considerations. It begins with material selection.

From there, we move on to the introduction of the colors and fonts. Both must be perfect matches with your corporate persona. Therefore, we take special care to find the exact tone that complements your sales collateral. Finally, we offer input concerning the ideal installation method for the space you are choosing.

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