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Custom Lobby Logo Signs for Anaheim Electrical Contractor Show off New Logo Design!

 Aug 17, 2020

Mammoth Electric is a long-time client of our sign shop. About five years ago, Superior Signs and Graphics designed, produced, and installed cost-effective fleet vehicle graphics for this contractor. Over time, we did additional sprinter van graphics as the firm added vehicles to its fleet. Recently, the company asked us to assist with creating two custom lobby logo signs in Anaheim CA.

Lobby Logo Signs in Anaheim CA

Lighted Logo Signs Wow Customers and Sell the Company’s Brand

Our graphic artist worked with the client to determine the appearance that would best suit the location. Because Mammoth Electric recently changed its logo, it was imperative that the new signs would reflect this setup. Being in the field of electrical contracting, it only made sense that these lobby signs had to have illumination capabilities.

Custom Aluminum Logo Wall Signs in Anaheim CA

We started with a 1/8-inch-thick aluminum plate. Using our router, we reverse-cut the logo. Look closely; the stencil-like setup is a work of art because it required all style elements to be attached. Next, our technicians painted the aluminum board with primer and the brand color.

Custom Metal Lobby Signs with Logo in Anaheim CA

Finally, we added LEDs to the back of the sign, which we then mounted with brushed aluminum wall standoffs. We hid the power supply for the LEDs behind the sign. When it lights up, the illumination bounces off the wall and provides the signage with a visually stunning halo effect. We repeated these steps for a second lobby sign that the firm wanted to feature in the president’s office.

Reverse-Cut Metal Logo Signs? We Do Those!

Reverse Cut Metal Logo Lobby Signs in Anaheim CA

Metal is one of the most popular materials for the design of lobby signs. And why not? The material exemplifies chic. It adds pizzazz to any space no matter what your interior décor looks like. Most importantly, it is versatile. For example, adding LEDs for illumination is a snap when you order metal.

What are your other display options?

  • Logo board. Take a page from the playbook of Mammoth Electric, and select a large board for the display of reverse-cut lettering and logos. However, if this is not what you had in mind, consider that the panel also looks great with a customized vinyl overlay that features your corporate information.
  • Dimensional letters. For business clients who prefer the display of individual 3D letters, we recommend using flat-cut aluminum, brass, or stainless steel lettering. Opt for brushed or polished metal. Cast metal is another choice for the business that favors rounded fronts.
  • Metal laminates. Of course, if solid metal lettering is not in the budget, consider the use of thin laminates that our technicians could mount to a less expensive base material. An excellent choice would be sign foam.

How to Buy Custom Lobby Logo Signs in Anaheim, CA

Logo Wall Signs in Anaheim CA

You are ready to make a change to the way that your reception area sign greets your customers. Maybe you are hoping that a rebranding will appeal to a whole new demographic of customers. We can help. Connect with our specialists today to learn more about your options and to schedule a design consultation!

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