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Custom Graphics for Stakebed Trucks in Orange County, CA!

 Mar 15, 2022

Smart Turf Artificial Grass does business at 14418 Best Avenue in Santa Fe Springs. There, the company specializes in commercial, residential, putting, and athletic turf. Recently, this returning client added two vehicles to its fleet and contacted our shop to discuss custom graphics for stakebed trucks in Orange County, CA.

What Is a Stakebed Truck?

commercial truck graphics in orange county, ca

commercial truck wraps and graphics in orange county, ca

These vehicles are heavy-duty trucks that feature open beds, which are excellent for transporting large loads of turf. Stakes inserted into the bed’s side allows for the placement of slats. It is an easy, convenient way of quickly loading and unloading. Our client invested in two of these vehicles and wanted identical graphics treatments for them.

Aluminum Composite is an Excellent Material for Long-Wearing Signage

truck signs in orange county, ca

Our technicians fabricated the signage using aluminum composite for the messages on the sides of the tricks. They are painted black, allowing the letters and numerals’ white and green colors to stand out. Because stakebed trucks lack the traditional sides that pickup trucks have, metal panels are good choices.

Custom graphics for stakebed trucks in Orange County CA

The other graphics products are door decals and stripes. The stripes are matching green for the panels with black print. They highlight the different functions for the turf that a customer might have. On the doors, you see the decals that display the company’s name and contact information. Once again, the color palette matches the tones we have used on the other products. 

stakebed truck graphics in orange county, ca

Whenever these vehicles are on the road, they impress with their good looks and allow the client to actively participate in the mobile marketing revolution! And, because our technicians added QR codes, the client has created additional ways for prospective customers to reach out or learn more about the product options.

If You Can Drive It, Ride It, or Fly It, Superior Signs and Graphics Can Wrap It!

signs for stakebed trucks in orange county, ca

It is a common misconception that vehicle wraps are only for cars, trucks, and vans. While these make up the lion’s share of the vehicles we treat with full or partial wraps as well as decals and lettering, there is so much more that we can work with. 

  • Boats. One of the best examples is the boat. Many OC clients own personal watercrafts. Some have opted to use them as an extension of their mobile marketing. We will use 3M vinyl that will adhere and weather perfectly with frequent saltwater and sunshine exposure.
  • Planes. Sure, we can treat your standard personal airplane or helicopter. However, did you know that we will also treat your model airplane or even drone? If you are a member of a club that specializes in hosting events of this type for hobbyists, you can advertise your company while at play.
  • Golf carts. These are the transportation of choice for real estate professionals and property managers of larger venues. Let us introduce your company to the customer with little more than your logo and corporate persona.

What Can We Wrap for You?

commercial truck signs and graphics in orange county, ca

Do you need custom graphics for stakebed trucks in Orange County, CA? Maybe you have a sprinter van or box truck that needs to be integrated into your fleet. We can do it. Call us today to request a quote!

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