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Custom Designed Wall Graphics by Buena Park Sign Company Create Unique Space!

 Nov 13, 2019

At Superior Signs and Graphics, we practice what we preach. Just recently, we almost doubled our space by taking over a neighboring unit. This meant adding more office space, meeting areas, and, of course, warehouse space. We immediately tasked our graphic artist with a variety of custom-designed wall graphics by Buena Park Sign Company!

Treating Blank Wall Spaces to Fit in with Existing Office Setups

Wall Graphics by Buena Park Sign Company

A lot of the new space is allotted to adding equipment and material storage. However, there is also a segment of 500 square feet that make up new office space. We settled on transforming the area into two workstations and added a conference table area that we can turn into a worktable when needed.

For meetings and customer presentations, we added a flat screen to the wall. Because this is going to be a highly visible aspect of our business, we also added wall graphics. Our graphic designer created a word wall that highlights some of our most sought-after services. Besides that, we added a world graphic that fits in perfectly with the color suite.

Are You Expanding an Office or Warehouse Space?

Custom Wall Murals in Orange County CA

Make it a seamless transition by incorporating the new walls into your overall interior décor. If you already have wall graphics or wraps, we can replicate them and continue the motif in your new space. If you do not yet have anything, we can treat the entirety of the venue.

  • Wall graphics. Select niche-specific images or pick graphics that highlight what you do. We can place them around your space in a way that they underscore your brand message.
  • Lettering. Display quotes from your company’s founder, CEO, or other officials. These sayings are great for reinforcing morale and introducing your customers to what the business is all about.
  • Wall murals. Take a page from our playbook and opt for full wall murals. They cover the entirety of the wall and can feature anything you like. If you would like a word wall that demonstrates your brand, we can do that, too.

Looking for Custom Designed Wall Graphics by Buena Park Sign Company?

Buena Park CA Wall Murals

We routinely work with business owners who are unsure what their wall graphics or murals should look like. We can help.

  • Brand colors. Whenever possible, we recommend that you integrate your primary brand colors into the overall design of a wall graphic. This is of particular importance when you welcome customers into the treated space. Doing so allows you to present your branding with style.
  • Taglines or mottos. Finding the right words for a word wall does not have to be complicated. Leave the design up to our graphic artist or put something together yourself. Our business clients have had excellent success with taglines and mottos when looking for the right words to present to customers and employees alike.
  • Corporate identities. Do not forget to put your company’s name and logo somewhere on the graphics, too.

Our team will gladly handle the design of the product as well as the manufacturing and installation. Consider adding a laminate that protects against fingerprints and smudges. Besides that, it will make cleanup of the wall graphics a snap. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to schedule your design appointment.

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