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Custom Designed Sprinter Van Graphics Advertise for Anaheim Cabinet Company Every Mile, Every Day!

 Jan 29, 2020

Located at 4375 East La Palma Avenue, Mr. Cabinet Care is a returning client. The business specializes in kitchen remodeling, cabinet refinishing, and countertop installations. In the past, we treated two Ford Transit Connect vans for the company. When it added two new Dodge Sprinter vans to its fleet, the business’ management team called us back to discuss custom-designed Sprinter van graphics in Anaheim.

A Closer Look at Effective Marketing through Vehicle Graphics

Commercial Sprinter Van Graphics in Anaheim CA

We met with the client to discuss the design of the van graphics. The management team wanted the same look for its new vans as it already has for the other fleet vehicles. Therefore, we pulled up the specs for the window recess wraps and additional lettering on the sides that we did for these vehicles.

Sprinter Van Graphics in Anaheim CA

Next, we used photos of the company’s work and did the graphic design to include them in the finished product. Now, when the company takes its vans on the road, consumers see brand-centric displays that highlight the company’s niche, accomplishments, contact information, and attractive pictures of the work it does.

What Goes into a Good-Quality Mobile Marketing Display?

Ram Van Graphics in Anaheim CA

The goal of any vehicle graphics setup is two-fold: the business wants the consumer to learn more about its company and retain the information. Studies have proven that the vast majority of passersby remember the information they have seen on a wrapped vehicle.

Cargo Van Graphics and Decals in Anaheim CA

Moreover, Mr. Cabinet Care succeeds in presenting a perfect mix of brand details and advertising designs. Therefore, the company generates interest in what it is all about. Even consumers who are not currently in the market for a kitchen remodel will take notice of what the firm has to offer.

You can accomplish something similar. When you work with our graphic artist, we assist you in the design of a product that turns heads. And, we are experts at vehicle wrap installation!

Van Graphics Installation in Anaheim CA

  • Lettering and graphics. The quickest and most budget-friendly way of getting your information out is via the combination of lettering and graphics. The words spell out what your business is all about while the images reinforce the idea.
  • Partial wraps. Incorporate the base color of the vehicle with the graphic design that goes into the development of your message. This method allows for coverage that ranges from 25% of the car to 75%.
  • Full wraps. It is fair to say that the full wrap maximizes the advertising and branding potential of your car, truck, or van. It will take the entire surface as a canvas on which we can present your information. Augment these wraps with reflective graphics and 3D images.
  • Fleet graphics. When you use more than one vehicle in the course of your workday, consider having each one treated. We can make them look alike, which boosts the branding you accomplish with these vehicles. Most importantly, your company’s moniker quickly becomes a household name.

Do You Need Custom-Designed Sprinter Van Graphics in Anaheim, CA?

Custom Van Decals in Anaheim CA

Did you recently add a sprinter van to your fleet? Maybe it is the only vehicle you currently use for your business. When you are ready to join the mobile marketing revolution, we can help. Discuss your plans with our graphic artist to learn more about your options!

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