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Fullerton Window Graphics Help Bring in New Customers for Property Managers!

 Jan 28, 2020

Many property managers are using window graphics in Fullerton CA to help lease properties and bring in new renters to their office spaces. There are a few types of window graphics and lettering to use such as “For Lease” signs and “Property For Lease” signs. Learn more about this project from our blog on Cityscoop!

Types of Window Graphics in Fullerton CA

Window Graphics in Fullerton CA

Window graphics offer you a tremendous diversity of appearances and uses. This is due, in part, to the material differences. Using the right product for the project ensures that the finished graphics fulfill their purposes and meet your expectations.

  • Perforated vinyl for storefronts. The ratio is 65/35, which means that 35% of the surface will allow you to see through it. It is instrumental in allowing sunlight to enter your store. Besides that, it lets you see outside, which prevents the look and feel of an enclosed space.
  • Perforated vinyl for cars. Wrapping the rear window of your car, truck, or van is an excellent way of presenting advertising messages to the motorists behind you. In many cases, this product can continue a wrap design that would otherwise have to cut off. In this case, the ratio of openings to solid vinyl must be 50/50.
  • Block-out window graphics. Would you prefer that the noon sun did not shine into your location? Maybe you are doing a build-out right now, and there is really nothing to see. These window graphics make it impossible to look inside. On the exterior, they feature your brand information. By the way, these are excellent when you have a space for lease, too.

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