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Custom Designed Banners Make Your Message Stand Out in Orange County

 Mar 31, 2015

Banners market, brand and give consumers a glimpse of your products or services. For example, when you run a school’s summer program, it makes sense to advertise this camp with a colorful banner that not only features your school’s name and logo, but also depicts happy children having fun, learning and interacting positively in a supportive environment.

More effective than any informational brochure, this type of poster is among the vinyl banners Orange County business clients order from Superior Signs and Graphics. Of course, there are plenty of other uses for digital, vinyl, indoor and outdoor banners.

Custom designed vinyl banners Orange County

Every banner customized for your needs!

Faith Communities and Non-profit Organizations

Whether you are planning an Easter egg hunt for the kids, an after-service picnic with the traditional covered dishes or a pet adoption drive, banners advertise your event. Include your group’s symbol, its name and a colorful invitation that spells out the event’s name, its time and date. Hang the banner from your church’s façade, above your group’s headquarter entryway or between two light poles in your parking lot.

Faith and community vinyl banners Orange County

Great for schools, nonprofits and charity events!

New Business Banners

Create a buzz among consumers. Whet their appetites for the restaurant that will soon be coming. Perhaps you run a niche business that offers consumer goods or services and want to ensure that folks know about you before you ever throw open your doors to the public. “Coming Soon” banners are a wonderful method of advertising your business even as you are still in the process of getting your storefront set up. Other banner titles may include the wording “Grand Opening” with a specific date and time or “Future Home Of …,” which omits the date.

Opening Soon Vinyl Banners Orange County

Let people know your business will open soon!

Marketing Banner Selections

Seasonal sales, year-round service options and customized trade banners factor into this collection. This is the signage product that you would unfurl and hang up well before Black Friday to advertise your holiday specials. This is also the type of pole marker a car dealership would hang up to advertise not just its body shop but also its free estimates for those considering having their vehicles fixed, maintained or upgraded at the facility. A real estate professional might rely on this signage option during an open house to not just advertise a property’s amenities but also the professional’s contact information.

Vinyl Pole Banners Oange County

Stand out pole banners!

Trade Shows and Corporate Sponsorships

Canopy banners look great against the backdrop of your trade show booth display. Yet did you know that this type of product also works well when you set up a booth at a community event? Perhaps you might even consider the addition of a large-format banner that identifies your business as a corporate sponsor of an annual community event. Hang it so that it displays its message on both sides for the best visibility.

Trade Show and Street Fair Banners Orange County

Great for trade shows and street fairs!

Signage Details

Two-sided banners offer great results when you are displaying your signage across a walkway. Specify whether you intend to use the product on the inside or outside. This affects the manufacturing methods we select. Grommets, D-rings, pole pockets and already attached ropes are just some of the methods that you may choose to attach the custom designed banners Orange County groups and professionals commission prior to an event.

Double Sided Hanging Vinyl Banners Orange County

Double-sided vinyl banners great for city or town events!

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